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What is wrong with your 1989 Ford Festiva when its leaking oil all over the engine is the head gasket shot?

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Sounds like the Valve Cover Gasket needs replacing. You need to find out where the oil is coming from first. Clean all the oil off the engine and then start it, and look see where it is leaking. It is probably not the head gasket.

Yes, that, but if you remove the Oil Filler Cap, and with the engine running there is considerable air flow coming out of the Valve Cover, then probably you have a bad compression ring on at least one cylinder.....what it does is pressurize the Valve Cover and eventually blows out the gasket....mine does it in the front......leaking oil all down the front of the engine.......a Compression Check would be in order.

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2010-11-22 00:29:05
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What is wrong with the engine of the 1991 Acura Legend when after it has been running for a while a burning oil smell occurs?

Gasket is leaking oil. Valve cover gasket is likely suspect.

What could be wrong if Oil is leaking in to the plugs.?

Possibly head gasket.

How do you fix a leaking power steering rack if nothing is wrong mechanically?

If the power steering rack is leaking, it is likely an seal or a gasket. Replacing the seal or gasket should stop the leak.

What is wrong if my 2002 jeep is leaking antifreeze into the oil?

Head gasket could be bad

What is wrong when a 1996 Isuzu Rodeo has white smoke or steam coming from the tailpipe?

your car may be leaking coolant into the engine, i.e your head gasket may be bad

Coolant is leaking out under your Ford Fiesta engine what could be wrong?

Could have a hole in one of the pipes worst case scenario could be a blown head gasket.

What is wrong if a 97 Plymouth breeze is leaking black oil in the antifreeze?

Probably a blown head gasket. If the car has an (engine) oil cooler it might be a leak there too.

What wrong if myCar runs hot put have no leaks?

a bad water pump or thermostat You can also have an internal leak as in a leaking head gasket. Have this repaired ASAP, or you may do serious damage to the engine.

When i replaced a non leaking head gasket with a new one and now i have water in my oil why?

If you did not get the water in your oil from replacing the gasket then you may have a coolant passage leaking into an oil passage. Another answer may be a gasket that is not exactly like the old one. Sometimes the parts store issue a wrong part or may be from a bad aftermarket gasket.

What can be wrong if oil smells like gas engine is leaking at head gasket and sounds like sewing machine ever since fuel lines broke and had been replaced?

Gas is leaking into your oil pan. If the head gasket is leaking, it needs to be replaced. While the cylinder head is off, look for a cracked piston or worn rings which may cause gas to leak into the oil pan. If the gasket has been replaced and you had no piston damage or bad rings, then change the oil and filter.

My 1997 eclipse was leaking oil from the oil pan and it was replaced along with the gasket and its still leaking from the gasket part so is this a common thing or does anyone know what could be wrong?

it could be leaking from some were above and its driping on the pan causing it to look like its leaking from the pan or if you over tourk the bolts it will warp the pan causing it to leak

What is wrong if a 96 Ram 1500 59 engine pings on hills and has started excessive oil consumption 1qt per 200mi?

Intake manifold valley pan gasket is leaking. Happened to my 99. Remove the intake and change the gasket that seals the flat pan to its bottom.

You just changed your head gaskets and now there is anti freese leaking out of your tailpipe also some coming from the front pasenger side of you engine doese anyone know what it might be?

you put your gasket on wrong and it didn't seal.

What could be wrong if there is antifreeze and oil leaking from the underside of your car?

Probably a blown head gasket. Get a technician to look at it. If it is, it will be a major ordeal.

What wrong if you have coolant leaking in the front of engine?

from the water pump tell tale hole

What is wrong with my 2001 Dodge Dakota when it needs water replaced weekly?

Could be one or more of several problems.- leaking radiator or hoses, leaking water pump, leaking thermostat gasket, leaking head or intake gasket, leaking or low over-flow reservoir, leaking heater core, radiator drain cock not tight enough, bad radiator cap. Drops or puddles of antifreeze under the vehicle or in the engine compartment or on the carpet under the dashboard (usually passenger side) can often indicate where to look for leaks. White smoke from exhaust sometimes indicates a blown head or intake gasket. In any event, the problem needs to be addressed. It is not normal and leaks of any kind will only get worse over time, potentially bad enough to cause harm to the engine.

Whats wrong when the two middle cylinders on a 95 BMW m3 leak oil on the exhaust manifold?

cylinder head gasket leaking.

Has 2000 Chevrolet suburban coolant leaked into engine and over heated?

It's probably a warped head & head gasket, or possibly a cracked head or block. But you probably have the sequence wrong. In most cases the engine overheated THEN cracked and you got coolant into the engine. That indeed is a possibility but burbs are notorious for having a leaking intake manifold gasket that would be the place to start you'll get there before you get the heads off anyway.

What is wrong with your engine if it smokes out of the spark plugs?

It cannot smoke out of the spark plug. It can however be leaking oil around the spark plug area thus causing it to smoke. The problem is the valve cover is leaking. Try tightening the valve cover bolts slightly. If that does not stop the leak, replace the valve cover gasket.

How can you tell what is wrong with a 94 Saturn SC engine the vehicle was driven on the highway and all of the sudden the temperature rose the car was smoking and oil leaking everywhere is there help?

Sounds like a blown head gasket. This is a major repair, and will be expensive.

What is wrong when it smells like oil is burning on a 1997 Park Avenue?

Valve cover gasket is probably leaking oil onto the exhaust manifold or the oil filter may be leaking oil onto the exhaust pipe.

What is wrong if have to keep refilling coolant 1999 subaru legacy?

bad hose, radiator leak, leaking into engine.

Im leaking milk from your breast What is wrong?

whats wrong with me I'm on my period and milk leaking out my breast

Can an oil pan drain gasket cause a engine to start knocking and cause a good engine to go bad if placed on the car wrong?

It could be the cause of the knock only if the gasket was bad and leaked out almost all the oil.

What is wrong when your 1999 Dodge truck is going through oil like crazy?

The possibilities are many, and none are particularly good. Here are several possibilities (note that any one or more combinations, all, or none of the conditions listed here are possibilities) :blown head gasket.leaking valve cover gasket(s).leaking oil pan gasket.leaking oil pan plug.punctured oil pan.broken, burnt, or otherwise faulty intake or exhaust valves.plugged PCV valve (Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve).leaking engine seals.broken or worn-out piston rings.too long since last oil and oil filter change.incorrect oil viscosity.engine needs tune-up.faulty oil pump.etc.