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If what you are decribing is smoke coming from underhood that smells like burnt oil, it may be your valve cover gasket(s) leaking on the hot exhaust manifold. This smell is strong enough to come into the passenger compartment while you drive. It should be repaired. I hope this helps you. Mark

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โˆ™ 2005-11-29 02:03:58
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Q: What is wrong with your 1991 Honda Accord LX that is blowing oil from exhaust and smells like burnt oil?
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Where is the oxygen sensor on a 2004 Honda accord?

The oxygen sensor on a 2004 Honda Accord is found on the exhaust system. They are placed close to the catalytic converter so the sensors can properly read the exhaust flow.

What is the location of the o2 sensor in a 96 Honda accord?

The location of a o2 sensor on a 1996 Honda Accord is on the exhaust pipe. These parts help regulate the emissions for the vehicle and are placed on the down pipe of the exhaust system.

Where is 99 Honda Accord o2 sensor relay?

Screwed into the exhaust system.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 93 Honda accord ex?

Screwed into the exhaust pipe.

Where is the Upstream o2 sensor located on a 96 Honda accord?

They are typically on the exhaust manifold.

Where is the front oxygen sensor located on a 2001 Honda accord?

After the exhaust manifold but before the catalytic converter on the exhaust tube.

What might be causing the burning smell in your 1989 Honda Accord after muffler replacement?

Whenever a exhaust type work is done where something is replaced, it always smells like that for awhile. Eventually it disappears. It's done that on my vehicles.

Where is the oxen sensor on a 2001 Honda Accord?

All O2 sensors are screwed into the exhaust system.

Why does your Honda Accord backfire?

bad plugs or wires i just had this problem to or it could be a leak in the exhaust

Where is o2 sensor on 2000 Honda Accord?

All O2 sensors are screwed into the exhaust system.

How do you remove the exhaust on a 93 Honda Accord?

Are you trying to remove the exhaust manifold,the muffler,or just the line running from the manifold connection to the muffler?

Is your Honda Accord LX have 4Cylinders or 6?

It can be a I4 or a V6. If it has dual exhaust it is a V6. If it has a single exhaust pipe out the back it is a 4 cylinder.

Why is Honda Accord AC blowing hot air?

It is broken. AC's usually blow cold air.

Smoke coming from engine compartment after driving for a while on a 1997 Honda accord smells like burnt oil?

found out it was the oil pressure switch dripping down on to exhaust pipe collecting on heat shield, thanx anyway

How do you know if your 2007 Honda Accord is 6 cylinder or 4 cylinder?

If it has dual exhaust pipes it is a V6. If it has a single exhaust pipe it is a 4 cylinder.

Why wold you have exhaust pressure in the valve cover pan on a Honda accord 1993?

Replace the PCV Valve.

What does lamp flash code 12 mean on a 1991 Honda accord EX?

exhaust recirculation system

03 Honda accord oxygen upstream sensor locaton?

A 2003 Honda Accord Oxygen sensor is located on the exhaust pipe. To find it jack the car up and safely position it on jack stands. Crawl under the vehicle and look at the downpipe of the exhaust, the sensor will have two wires protruding from it.

2006 Honda accord?

Okay, you have a 2006 Honda Accord.

1985 Honda Accord?

It is a Honda Accord that was manufactured in 1985

Where is the Honda accord o2 sensor?

its a 2006 Honda accord

What is Honda Accord se?

Honda Accord Special Edition

1997 Honda Accord?

Yes, it is a 1997 Honda Accord.

When was Honda Accord created?

Honda Accord was created in 1976.

How do you replace a headlamp on a 1999 Honda Accord LXI?

There was not a 1999 Honda Accord LXi made. Do you have a 1989 Honda Accord LXi?

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