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If the hazards work but the turn lamps do then it a problem with your turn signal switch itself ( the actual rod on the steering column). first try to simply clean the inside to rule out debri, if that doesn't work buy a new switch :) If both were out then I'd say it was the switch assembly for both located behind the fuse panel

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โˆ™ 2008-01-15 22:01:00
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Q: What is wrong with your 1993 Grand Am if the turn signals don't work but the hazard flashers do?
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Flashers work turn signals dont fuse is good on 1995 s10 blazer-what's wrong?

because there are two diffrent flashers 1 for the flashers and 1 for turn

What is wrong if the rear flashers work but the front ones do not?


Why does the right turn signal not blink on a 1992 Dodge Shadow changed flasher unit and bulbs are good?

There is two flashers involved, one for the signals and one for the emergency flashers. Perhaps you changed the wrong one.

What is wrong when the hazard and turn signals don't come on in a 2002 Chrysler sebring convertible?

turn signals won't work. changed all the bulbs. Hazard lights work. 1999 Chrysler Sebring hardtop

What could be wrong with the signals on a 92 Pontiac Sunbird if flashers and fuses have been checked?

Replace the whole arm on the steering column. Its a switch as well! He's right, these cars are known for steering column issues related to signals and horn.

What is wrong with your 1999 Olds Intrigue when flashers work only part of the time?

You have to replace the smart stalk. if you want a permenant fix. You can get them woking again by repeatedly depressing the hazard warning button.

What is wrong when a 2002 Grand Am sounds like the turn signals are constantly clicking but are not on?

Why do the hazards work and the turn signals do not.?

Bad wiring i am guessing that something is wrong with your turn signal switch. Actually, The turn signals and hazard lights are controlled by 2 different relays. Try changing the Turn-signal relay.

1997 528i your hazards do not work but your turn signals do work What's wrong there?

many possible causes, but first look at a faulty hazard button switch assembly faulty.

What could be the reason for the brake lights and blinkers not working on a 1996 Ford E-250 Van?

i had the same problem...turned out the hazard flashers button on top of steering column was in the wrong position ! about simplr..hope it works for you

What could be wrong if your turn signals do not work but your hazard lights work?

Most vehicles have two flasher units. One for the turn signals and one for the hazards. If you have already replaced one try looking for the other one. Or check for a bad trunsignal switch

What is wrong when your turn signal blinkers don't blink?

In many cars, a solid turn signal illumination means that a bulb needs to be replaced. if they don't light at all, it could be a bad connection. wear gloves if you try to inspect the wireing. but you may want to go to a mechanic if a new bulb doesn't fix the problem. ------------------------ The first thing to check is your hazard flashers work ? If the hazard flashers work then you are not dealing with bad bulbs or a bad connection. 1st - check the blinker fuse 2nd - check or replace the flasher unit. I usually take the flasher unit out of the hazard flashers and swap it with the blinker flasher unit. (if the hazard flashers worked then that flasher unit is good) You can find the flasher unit by listening for and following the blinking noise. 3rd - usually at this point i end up replacing the turn signal unit. I have replaced many bad flasher units in my time.

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