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If it is because of the drive, it may need a flywheel also. If it keeps burning out the wiring, I would change brand of starters.

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โˆ™ 2004-09-07 11:26:37
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Q: What is wrong with your 1994 Saturn SL1 if the starter keeps going out?
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2004 Expedition wont start Keeps randomly blowing the 30 amp ignition fuse What is wrong?

Problem with the starter. Possibly locked up, or shorted out. Remove and test the starter.

What is wrong with a 1997 Saturn that will not turn over?

Seized engine? Dead or weak battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Defective starter or starter solenoid? Bad neutral or clutch safety switch?

Why would my Tahoe try to start when you connect the battery WITHOUT a key in the ignition?

Did you just put a starter on it ??? Sounds like the starter wires are on the starter wrong are thay are shorted out. CHECK THE WIRES GOING TO THE STARTER CLOSELY.

What is wrong when a car keeps trying to start after started?

If you mean that the starter keeps spinning after the vehicle starts), the solenoid/relay switch is not releasing. In the START position, the relay spins the starter to start the engine and should release when the key is moved from START to RUN. Probably needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Why does the starter for a 350 Chevy grind and sti?

Wrong starter, wrong fly-wheel, Bad starter drive, worn fly-wheel. Starter may need to be shimed.

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1999 Saturn SC1 that won't start it turns all the way over and nothing happens My battery is good i was told that maybe it could the starter solenoid?

If the starter is engaging and the starter is able to turn the engine normally, there is nothing wrong with the solenoid. Instead, I'd look at fuel, ignition and compression.

You changed the head gasket on your 1996 Saturn SL1 and now there is a grinding sound when you try to start it What did you do wrong?

Sounds like a separate problem. May be the selinoid on the starter hanging up.

What could be wrong with your starter if the car is not starting up?

Bad starter, bad starter solenoid, or the problem might not be the starter at all.

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