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Check your timing belt , and your fuel pump inertia switch ! Good Luck !

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What makes rocks at the top of cliff suddenly fall?

Weathering makes rocks at the top of a cliff suddenly fall.

Who makes the dodge car?

Chrysler Group LLC makes Dodge vehicles

Back wheel on driver side makes cranking noise?

I am not sure what you mean by "cranking" noise. My guess is a bad wheel bearing. A loose wheel makes a noise especially if the some of the bolts have fallen out and are rolling around in the wheel cover.

Who makes a suspension lift for a 2003 dodge durango?

Who makes a suspension lift for a Dodge Durango?

Can a fuel pump let the car from cranking but not starting?

this question makes no sense ? i assume you mean prevent the car from cranking??? if so then no. a bad fuel pump may stop the car from running or starting but it should not stop it from cranking. a bad fuel pump relay could stop the car from cranking but that would depend on the year make and model of your car.

My 1999 dodge Dakota engine makes a vibrating noise at 3000 rpm when driving and stooped?

your car is making that noise because your muffler needs oil and fume

What corporation makes dodge cars?

FCA, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Who made the dodge challenger?

Chrysler corporation makes the challenger for the dodge brand.

What makes a grinding noise when I'm coming to a stop in my dodge ram?

sounds like the brake pads in front or back are worn out, if so need to change them before driving.

What is the fastest car that dodge makes?

The Dodge Viper SRT was dodges fastest car in 2011

What are some dodge vehicle brands?

"Dodge is the name of a brand that makes automobiles. Therefore, there are no brands of Dodge. However, some models Dodge produces are Durango, Avenger, and Caliber."

Why is your cat acting weird suddenly?

There are many different reasons why a cat could be acting weird suddenly. It really depends on what the cat is actually doing. What is it that makes it weird?

Which country makes dodge cars?

USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Where is the wire in a 2003 Dodge Neon SXT that makes it not start?

There are many wires on a Dodge Neon that can cause a no start condition.

Is dodge ball good or bad for you?

It depends your thoughts but I think it's good, because it makes you move to dodge and throw.

What makes a seemingly healthy cat suddenly become unsociable?

A seemingly healthy cat may suddenly become unsociable because they are sick. This could also be because they are scared.

What happens if your pulley goes out while driving?

Your alternator will stop working, your motor will heat up and you will need to call AAA asap. What makes it even worse is that on significant number of cars the belt is also driving the power steering, so it will suddenly become very hard to turn the wheel. On high way speeds it results in a very dangerous situation.

What are the lyrics to Suddenly I see?

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Who makes dodge stereo?

Usually, Infinity Sound makes them. If you bought it second-hand it might be an aftermarket stereo

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