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It could be nothing unless it happens frequently. Many of today's devices freeze up now and then.

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How do you reset a check engine light on Saab 900S?

i never tried on that car but usually if u unplug the battery for awhile then reconnect it then it will turn off but again I've never had that car

What does the idiom now and again mean?

"Now and again" is the same as once in awhile.

TV turns on picture is erratic andhas lines going through it and there is no sound you have to turn the tv off and on again to make it right Today the whole screen turned green?

Hard to say. If the TV is a Westinghouse I know they had a bunch of TVs that had this problem. It wasn't fixable. You had to unplug the TV from the wall, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in to reset it. It would be good for awhile and then happen again. They recalled those TVs. Otherwise you will need to get a tech into your home to take a look at it.

How come your iPod Touch will not turn on even though it has nothing wrong with it?

It could be that you need to charge it, then wait for awhile, come back and try to turn it on again. When it starts up a picture of an apple should appear.

Can you restart an Xbox 360 console?

Yes just unplug it and plug it in again.

What to do if a PS2 gets wet?

Electronics should not get wet and are normally ruined if they get wet. Turn it off unplug it and be glad if it ever works again. I guess you could try to use a hair dryer or something to dry it but that ship has sailed for something that has already happened awhile ago

How do I unplug a toilet?

To unplug a toilet, consider using long gloves to pull out anything blocking the inside and then use the plunger to help the water flow again.

What is the code for the picture?

The answer you are looking for is 0516 again the code for the picture is 0516

What actors and actresses appeared in Picture Again - 2003?

The cast of Picture Again - 2003 includes: Fred MacMurray

How do you charge glow sticks?

You put them in the freezer and and keep them there for awhile and it should glow again.

What does Xbox four red lights?

You have a loose connection. Unplug everything and plug it back in again.

How is led lights easily renewed?

unplug them use them charge them plug them up and use them again :]

How do you pixel a flipnote?

Resize the picture so it gets smaller. Then resize it again, making it big again. The picture should appear pixelated.

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17 will not be coming back out in theaters as it has been out on DVD for awhile.

Do you meet lance again after you battle him?

Not unless you battlehim again

Will the bears win against the packers?

bears are going to kick their butts and their ganna win 35-0 haha hopefully Unless there are major changes in the front office, it could be quite awhile before the Bears beat the Packers again.

what is a spigot?

Its the faucet handle

What do you do if you held down the eject button on the ps3 still wont eject the game?

What I did was unplug the power cord from the back and then hit the eject again when it was plugged in again and it worked.

If the picture is reduced 60 percent size from its Original size Again the picture is reduced 20 percent that size What will be remaining picture size?


How can you see a dead person again?

look at a picture of that person.

What do you do when your ps3 is not leting thegame come out?

What I did was unplug the power cord and then plug it back in and tried the eject button again and it worked

My car honk keeps honking even when its just sitting not all the time but just once in awhile it is a short honk and only one then it quits for about an hour then does it again?

Find out where the horn relay is located. See service manual or contact dealer parts dept. May have a horn relay that's shorted. unplug relay and try new relay.

How you can track sim?

Click on their big picture on the bottom. A little yellow target like thing will appear. If you click on another sim the target will disappear and you will not be tracking your sim any longer unless you click on him/her again

How do you get a shamin in platinum?

You can get Shaymin at special events. Unfortunatly, Shaymin's event has passed, and it may be awhile before they are distributed again. Sorry.

Can you start breast feeding again if you stopped for a while?

do you stop eating and think that I can't eat because I didn't eat it for awhile?