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What is wrong with your cat if it sounds like she's gagging?

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βˆ™ 2008-10-12 20:01:19

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A cat should always have access to grass. You can but trays of grass seeds at the pet shop. All you need do is water it for a few days and the grass will grow. Your cat will eat the grass which makes it sick and the hairball will come up easily. (My cat eats my spider plant but the out- come is the same.)

Another alternative is to buy anti hairball pills("Whiskas"). They are malt based and the cat should have about 10 a day. This doesn't make the cat sick but allows the hairball to pass through the intestines and comes out with the poo. Pills also available at pet shops.

There's also special dried cat food for "city cats" who probably can't get to grass or plants as easily as country cats. This cat food also stops hairballs forming. In Spain the brand is "Friskies"

Hope this is helpful - it's very distressing when your cat starts choking.

I'm not a vet but I have had several cats. Whenever one of them sounded as if they were gagging it meant that they had a furball and they were trying to cough it up. After they have coughed it up (this make take a few days before they finally succeed) you will find it, hopefully on the floor and not on the furniture.

2008-10-12 20:01:19
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Q: What is wrong with your cat if it sounds like she's gagging?
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