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What is wrong with your pet rabbit if it can't move its 4 legs but is still alive?

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AnswerThis is a *very serious* problem and your rabbit should be taken to the vet IMMEDIATELY! He may have broken his legs or worse his back. He may also be suffering from GI stasis; a common problem in rabbits where they have a blockage in their intestinal passage. Regardless of what is the cause, you should seek help right away as your rabbit is in very real and immediate danger.Answer

I had this problem with my rabbit a few years ago. Mine just kicked one day and ended up breaking their back. This could be the problem.

AnswerYour Rabbit Is Probably Paralised And You Should Take It To The Vet **IMMEDIATELY** Or It Could Just Have Brocken Legs But You Should Defo Take It To The Vet No Matter What!!AnswerThe rabbit has Floppy Rabbit Syndrome. The true cause is unknown but it is commonly thought to be caused by stomach upsets due to a sudden change in diet. This would lead to paralysis of the body but not basic reflexes such as the tongue. Its fatal because there nothing passing through its digestive system. This relates back to rabbits being herbivores and requires constant gut movement. If that doesn't kill the rabbit then hunger and thirst will.

Good news is its treatable. You just need to nurse the rabbit till it bounces back to life after 2-3 days usually. During that time you need to hand feed grind-up rabbit pallets and water porridge with a syringe. It is a serious and traumatic condition for your rabbit as his every needs is dependent on the owner (including wiping poop from his bottom). Do take the rabbit to a Vet for check up for further assessment.
2009-10-30 00:00:28
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