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What is wrong with your vehicle if it leaks antifreeze but doesnt run hot?


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2005-03-23 09:27:23
2005-03-23 09:27:23

If it continues loosing coolant eventually it will start running hot. Without knowing the Make/Model/Year of the vehicle, I'll take a wild guess and say the leak is at the coolant recovery tank or the hose going from the radiator [just below the radiator cap] over to the coolant recovery tank. Untill you find the problem *check* your coolant--running an engine hot can be VERY expensive! Also, check the coolant ****ONLY*** when the engine is COLD [like it hasn't been driven all night]. NEVER check coolant when the engine is hot! Good luck with it and be carefull. Remember, better SAFE than sorry...


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Volkswagen or any other vehicle shouldn't use any antifreeze. If any car is using antifreeze something is wrong.

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Lack of antifreeze or wrong mix of antifreeze and water.

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heater core has a pinhole leak! Only shows when under pressure .remove and replace not good to breath antifreeze vapers!

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I think what you are seeing is your muffler leaking condensation from a weep hole. This normal and will stop after your vehicle has reached full operating temperature.

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