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If it continues loosing coolant eventually it will start running hot. Without knowing the Make/Model/Year of the vehicle, I'll take a wild guess and say the leak is at the coolant recovery tank or the hose going from the radiator [just below the radiator cap] over to the coolant recovery tank. Untill you find the problem *check* your coolant--running an engine hot can be VERY expensive! Also, check the coolant ****ONLY*** when the engine is COLD [like it hasn't been driven all night]. NEVER check coolant when the engine is hot! Good luck with it and be carefull. Remember, better SAFE than sorry...

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โˆ™ 2005-03-23 09:27:23
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Q: What is wrong with your vehicle if it leaks antifreeze but doesnt run hot?
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Do volkswagons us antifreeze quicker than most cars?

Volkswagen or any other vehicle shouldn't use any antifreeze. If any car is using antifreeze something is wrong.

What could be wrong with your car if you can smell antifreeze through the heat and air vents inside the vehicle?

the heater core may be plugged up

Why is there no heat at idle in a dodge van?

Lack of antifreeze or wrong mix of antifreeze and water.

What could be wrong if steam comes from vents odor within car foggers and heat doesn't work and antifreeze leaks underneath the car when engine is running?

heater core has a pinhole leak! Only shows when under pressure .remove and replace not good to breath antifreeze vapers!

What is wrong with a muffler that leaks water?

I think what you are seeing is your muffler leaking condensation from a weep hole. This normal and will stop after your vehicle has reached full operating temperature.

What is wrong if you have changed the thermostat and water pump on a 2001 Focus ZTS and it still leaks antifreeze?

If it heated up on you, chances are that you warped the cylinder head and now have a blown gasket. You don't give very much information, here.

What color coolant Ford e350?

it doesn't matter on the color I have to disagree with the above answer. The color does matter. Antifreeze is a very important fluid in your vehicle. Put the wrong type antifreeze in the system and you can create problems. You do not list the year so it is impossible for me to tell you the correct anti-freeze for your Ford. Just use exactly what your owner's manual says and you cannot go wrong.

What happened or is wrong with this vehicle?

What happened to this vehicle?

What is wrong with my car won't hold water?

If your car will not hold water you should first check your radiator for holes and leaks. This should be done with the engine turned off. If you do not find any leaks coming from the radiator and the water stays inside, turn on your vehicle and let it idle. If you notice water leaking from the vehicle while it is running, then your water pump is bad and will need to be replaced.

What happens if you put the wrong colour antifreeze in your car?

Nothing Nothing

Where do you add antifreeze in the engine I don't want to pour it in the wrong place I bought an antifreeze that is already mixed.?

Don't forget 50/50 solution too What kind of vehicle? What size engine? You don't add antifreeze to the engine, anyway. There should be an overflow jug on post '85 vehicles and on pre '85 vehicles you add the antifreeze to the radiator only. Please check your owner's manual or ask your car dealer for further information.

What is wrong with a car that will stall if not over 1500 rpm?

Vaccum leaks

What is wrong if a 98 Plymouth breeze is leaking oil in the antifreeze?

The headgasket has failed.

What is wrong my 2003 ram has antifreeze coming out of the vents?

Your heater core has failed.

What will happen to your pt cruiser if you put the wrong antifreeze in?

It will overheat and cause damage

What is wrong when power steering stops and antifreeze leaks suddenly?

It sounds a bit like a water pump that went out all of a sudden. Losing the belt would kill the power steering, so maybe the pump bearing failed and the belt burned or jumped off.

Can using the wrong detergent in a condo cause water leaks below?

"Wrong" implies that there is a standard. It is rare that a condominium community would define a "right" detergent for use in its facility. Classically, detergent does not cause plumbing leaks.

What would cause the antifreeze to erode the head in a 1998 Toyota Tacoma?

You probably used the wrong type of antifreeze. You should use the type for aluminum heads.

Would a 2002 Chevy cavalier overheat if the wrong antifreeze was put in?

A Chevy Cavalier can use standard, all-purpose antifreeze, so it's unlikely that the wrong kind was put in. However, if it is not diluted properly and the antifreeze is mixed with more than 50 percent water, the engine can overheat under some circumstances.

Is it wrong to love someone who doesnt love you back?

It's normal. But no... it is not wrong at all.

What is wrong if my 2002 jeep is leaking antifreeze into the oil?

Head gasket could be bad

What kind of antifreeze for Honda 1300 vtx?

If you use the Honda brand, you will not go wrong.

Why should you check the condition of tires when you make a check of the outside of a vehicle?

Because your tires are vital to your safety.Apart from regular air leaks,a number of things can go wrong with tires and you should look at them frequently for bulges or warps.

What is wrong with a 95 Chevy truck when speedometer and tach doesnt work and transmission wont shift but some times it does?

The VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) is probably bad. Also check the fuses.

Why is coolant bubbling?

Wrong mixture make sure you have pre diluted/mixed coolant/antifreeze.