What is wwan ready?

WWAN Ready means that a laptop has a built-in cellular/mobile aerial for connecting to the internet. However, it normally won't actually have the required internal card, this is either an optional extra at time-of-purchase, or it will have to be purchased and fitted later. Fitting is a straight-forward process, but can require a screwdriver and manual driver installation.

A sim card from a network provider will be needed before you can connect to the internet.

If the laptop is not WWAN ready, there are several other options which are actually much more common:

- Network operators will normally provide you with a USB adapter which can be used with either a PC or laptop.

- PCMCIA and ExpressCard adapters are also available; these are normally more compact and less vulnerable, but not usable with many PCs.

- Most mobile/cell phones and smartphones have the option of "tethering". This means that they share their internet connection through a USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi connection. Please note that some network providers specifically disallow tethering in their terms and conditions, but also note that most of them either don't enforce this rule, or have no means of detecting the violation.