What is wwf per year expenditure?

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How much money does the WWF raise per year?

WWF raise as much as possible, normally around £1,000,000,000

How many people adopt an animal with WWF per year?


What do you mean by revenue expenditure?

Expenditure for which benefit is expected to be taken in one fiscal year from occurance of expenditure is called 'Revenue Expenditure" Expenditure for which benefit is expected to be taken for morethan once year is called 'Capital Expenditure'

What are the item's of capital expenditure and recurrent expenditure?

Recurrent or Revenue Expenditure are those expenditure the benefits of which are utilized by company in one single year and capital expenditure are those expenditure the benefits of which are utilized for morethan one fiscal year. Revenue expenditure Example: Inventory etc Capital Expenditure : plant, machinery, building etc.

What is recurrent expenditure?

In a short and comprehensive way of my own understanding recurrent expenditure can be define as an expenditure that occurred after the existing expenditure had already be made for that year

How much is spent on advertising per year in the UK?

UK advertising expenditure reached £19.4 billion in 2007

How much does the average American spend per year?

The average American is estimated to spend about $50,000 per year. Food, clothing, housing, cars and entertainment are the main components of this expenditure.

Is depreciation revenue expenditure?

Yes depreciation is a revenue expenditure as it incurs every year to generate revenue and capital expenditure is that expenditure which is incurred for one time to earn revenue for more than one fiscal year.

What year did the first wwf game come out?

I am not sure on the date but the first game was WWF Wrestlemania.

What percentage of animals worldwide are horses?

Pet Ownership Charts:DogsCatsBirdsHorsesPercent of households owning37.2%32.4%3.9%1.8%Number of households owning43,021,00037,460,0004,453,0002,087,000Average number owned per household1. number in United States72,114,000---81,721,000---11,199,000---7,295,000Veterinary visits per household per year (mean) expenditure per household per year (mean)$356$190$25$360Veterinary expenditure per animal (mean)$200$81$9$92

What year did wwf change to WWE?


What year did the wwf changed to WWE?


Explain the difference between capital and revenue items of expenditure and income?

Capital expenditure are those the benefits of which will be taken for more than one fiscal year while for revenue expenditure benefits are only for one fiscal year.

What year did WWF start?

i think in 1993 but wwe was started in 1956 the wwf started in the 1950's then it changed to the wwe because the wwf was already trademarked by world wildlife foundation (wwf) in 2003 they changed

What is the Difference between fiscal deficit and revenue surplus?

Budget for a fiscal year is a statement of revenue and expenditure of the government for the particular year. If the expenditure is more than the revenue for a particular year, then this difference is called the fiscal deficit. If the revenue is more than the expenditure for a particular year then this difference is called the excess revenue.

What year did the first WWF WrestleMania occur?


What year did WWF first appear on TV?


What is the expenditure of a company whose income for 1 year is Rs108000 and has a profit of 45 percent?

Income is Rs108000. If profit is 45%, then expenditure is 55% Hence expenditure is 55% of Rs108000, or Rs59400.

How many pandas are currently around the world?

980 as per WWF

What year did wwf turn to WWE?

In 2002, after they had got sued

What year did Dan Spivey join the the wwf?

in June 1995

Who has the lowest resting energy expenditure per kilogram of body weight?


Required government expenditure that continues from one year to the next?


Is credit income or expenditure?

Credit is neither an income or an expenditure. It becomes an expenditure when you use it. expenditure

What year did the WWF become WWE?

Sunday May 5, 2002.