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What is yarn?


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YarnWool or synthetic fibers that are woven together and sometimes used in nitting clothing.

arange two sets of yarn is called yarn


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Loopy yarn can be yarn with loopsembeddedin the yarn lengths.

Yarn is an irregular plural so plural for yarn is yarn. It can be singular or plural.

* yarn elongation is stretching of yarn before breakage of yarn and it is related with workability of machine and process * yarn elongation is nothing but the the fibre strength

Yarn is both a singular and plural noun.The ball of yarn fell to the floor.I used red yarn.Yarn comes in all types of colors.

No( where ) does yarn come from?

Your answer depends on the yarn.

A skein of yarn is typically one ball or one hank of yarn.

A bay yarn is a British dialect term for a form of woollen yarn.

Yarn are fibers that are woven together, in other words, strands of twisted threads. A knitting yarn is a yarn used for knitting.

Textured yarn has for lack of better words a texture like confettie, eyelash, or fiber look to it. Micro yarn is very thin yarn.

It will depend on the type of yarn. 225 yards of worsted weight yarn is about 100g, but 225 yards of sock weight yarn is about 25g. What is the yarn type?

Another name for a hank of yarn would be a skein of yarn.

Bleached yarn is yarn whose colour has been whitened or faded.

Depends on the yarn. There is yarn that is 100% cotton, but cotton/rayon mixes and other mixes are common.

A direct yarn count is a numerical representation of the fineness of a yarn. The Denier system is an example. A yarn with a Denier number of 75 weighs 75 g per 9,000 m of yarn. The higher the number, the thicker the yarn.

Ring spun yarn is a type of yarn that is achieved by constantly twisting a rope of cotton fibers. This process significantly strengthens the yarn.

It is different for each yarn. It depends on the type of chunky, sock yarn, etc.

Yin-Yarn is the evil sorcerer in Kirby's Epic Yarn

Skein of yarn or a clew

we yarn because there is no enough oxygen in body

I dont know why people yarn.

yarn faults in winding

No, but yarn is made of threads.

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