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What is yes and no in Swahili?


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Yes is 'ndiyo' and no is 'hakuna'

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"YES" in Swahili is "ndiyo" or "naam".

Its not swahili, its means 'mother' in masai **Actually, Masai are an indigenous ethnic African group who are educated in English and Swahili. So yes, ye yo means 'mother' in Swahili.

Yes, swahili culture and language exist in Africa today.

Yes, Swahili is used as a lingua franca in much of Eastern Africa and is an official language of 5 countries.

yes, it means blessed in Swahili CORRECTION: First, Barack is an Arabic or Hebrew word, not Swahili. Its Swahili form, from Arabic, is baraka. Second, baraka is a noun meaning blessing. Blessed is a past participle of the verb to bless; the Swahili word with the meaning to bless is kubarki and to be blessed is kubarikiwa.

Donkey in Swahili Donkey in Swahili Donkey in Swahili

Swahili, Is not a country, it is both a Language, and the name of a tribe both of which stem from Kenya, in East Africa.Yes, Salami is a country. I live there.

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Leopard is "chui" in Swahili

The Swahili word is 'Na'

Yes, Swahili is spoken in Malawi, although it is only spoken by a very small percentage and is definitely not a major language. The major language is Chichewa.

Yes. It means a lion in Swahili. Yep, it means lion. I know that from reading the sides of the Wildlife Yoghurt Tubes XD

Swahili is a language spoken by Swahili people in African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi. In Swahili champion is called Bingwa.

Swahili is a language that is spoken by the Swahili people in countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The word for the numeral one in Swahili is 'moja'.

Brandon is not a Swahili name, but to make the name look Swahili it would be... Brandoni.

Farasi is horses in Swahili.

Jesus in Swahili is Yesu.

Chimpanzee in Swahili is "sokwe".

what is the swahili word for aligator

The Swahili word is "shetani".

It means Cheetah in Swahili!

About 2000 immigrants from Swahili-speaking countries speak Swahili in South Africa.

english: guest Swahili: mgeni

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