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Q: What is your Insights about the poem 1896 by aurelio alvero?
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What language was the poem 1896 by aurelio alvero written in?


Where was the author created this poem 1896 cry freedom?

The poem 1896(Cry Freedom) was written by Aurelio S. Alvero

How many stanzas did the 1986 poem by aurelio alvero had?


The poem 1896 by aurelio alvero tagalog version?

malay ko ba. . . . BAKET AKO TINATANONG niyo?!. . asa kayong makakakuha kayo ng answer!. . che mga letche!

What is the significance of mentioning the Kris and the bolo in the poem 1896 by Aurelio S Alvero?

ewan ko sa inyo bat ako hahahah joke lng wala akong msagot sa assignment ko!! hgahahahahah

What is the message of the poem '1896' by aurelio alvero?

In his poem 1896 Aurelio Alvero celebrates the outbreak of the 1896 Katipunan popular revolution against the governing Spanish Authorities in the Philippines, which was led by Andres Bonifacio.Alvero's poem has no political or ethical content, it is only a list of all the various groups of natives and labourers who shout FREEDOM in support of the popular protest. Alvero probably intended his poem to suggest that the Katipunan party enjoyed universal and uncritical support from all Philippinos.The revolution Alvero celebrates historically transferred the Philippines from being a de jure Spanish dependency to being a de facto American colony. (Roosevelt's brutality in the Philippines was so crass even Mark Twain protested it). Later the islands were handed over to the Japanese (a process in which Alvero assisted).The message of the poem is that the 1896 revolutio was a glorious achievement (because it commanded universal popular support) even though the freedom it gained for the Philippines was no more than a change of colonial master.The poem is grossly sentimental and historically dishonest - two virtues which have ensured its enduring popularity with forces favouring control and appeasement in the Republic ever since.

The poem 1896 by Aurelio Alvero?

1896, also known as Cry Freedom, is a poem by Aurelio Alvero which celebrates the Katipunan Revolution in the Philippines. The text is as follows: The cry awoke Balintawak And the echoes answered back: "FREEDOM!" All the four winds listened long, To the shrieking of that song. Every poet struck his lyre, With those burning notes of fire. All the women knelt to pray, In their hearts that frenzied lay. Even the children and the old, Took to arms and shouted bold, "FREEDOM!" I heard it from the planters in the vales, I heard it from the traders tying bales, I heard it where the fishers strike their sales, I heard it where the huskers 'neath the trees, I heard it from the divers of the seas, I heard it from the pounders in the leas. All the people raised the cry, Fearing not to bleed or die, All the tombs of slave & sire, Broke to voice that great desire. Up the mountain, down the plain Louder, louder rang the strain.."FREEDOM!" I heard it from the makers of the brooms, I heard it from the weavers at their looms, I heard it from the smoking smithy rooms, I heard it in the farthest islet shore. We heard it, and shall hear it evermore.."FREEDOM!"

What are insights in the poem hymn to labor?

im jerico mar j. laurente

Was Tagore's poem 1996 written in 1986?

nope, it was written in 1896.

From what poem are the lines Is my team ploughing that I was used to drive And hear the harness jingle When I was man alive?

The poem is "Is My Team Ploughing" published circa 1896 by A. E. Housman (1859-1936).

When was the poem 'Mulga bill's bicycle' written?

Mulga Bill's Bicycle was written in 1896 by Andrew Barton (Banjo) Patterson.

How did Rizal show his nationalism in his poem 'Your Last Farewell'?

"My Last Farewell" was a poem written by Jose Rizal just hours before his execution on December 30, 1896. In the poem he speaks of his love for his country and how his only desire had been to make the Philippines a better place.

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