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What is your ambition in life?

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Everyone has different ambitions in life. Some choose to get a college degree while others chase the dream of being famous actors or musicians. Ambitions can even be raising a family or having a career goal met.

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Make the sentence of ambition?

my ambition in life is 2 bcme a doctor

What is sentence for AMBITION?

When i grow up my ambition is to be a doctor. This Is My Answer MAYBE IT HELPED YOU VOTE

Find a sentence with the word ambition?

My ambition in life is to become someone important in this world

How would you define ambition?

Ambition is something that you have a burning passion for. It's a goal in life that you want to accomplish in any extent. Remember, life without ambition is a bird without wings. In other words, useless or undetermined,

What is your professional ambition?

Your professional ambition should be the goal you set for yourself in life in your career. My personal professional ambition is to get my novel published, and hopefully get rave reviews.

Is ambition too much?

What do you mean? Ambition is a good thing as long as it doesn't control your life in a negative manner.

What is a sentence for the word ambition?

My ambition in life is to become someone important in this world. Caesar's ambition led him to rule Rome, but also created many enemies in the Senate.

How is ambition negative?

Ambition can become negative when you allows your ambition to be an all controlling force in your life. Being too ambitious can cause you to narrow your focus on life to the point that all you see is that one goal that you want to achieve, to the exclusion of all else, which is not a good thing. Just don't lose your sense of priorities or what is truly important in life and ambition shouldn't become a bad thing.

Does academic excellence guarantee success in life?

No, but drive and ambition do.

What Is a sheeps only ambition in life?

Live to die. In all seriousness, a sheep's ambition would be to eat, sleep, and mate to produce offspring.

What is Bond University's motto?

The motto of Bond University is 'Bringing Ambition to Life'.

What are the release dates for The Life of Riley - 1953 Riley's Burning Ambition 2-10?

The Life of Riley - 1953 Riley's Burning Ambition 2-10 was released on: USA: 20 November 1953

Can you read Hindi essay on your ambition in life in Hindi?

yes i know to read hindi essay

Is there an antonym for 'ambition'?


Do ambition have tense?

No, "ambition" is a noun.

What is the verb of ambition?

The verb stemming from the noun "ambition" is also "ambition", according to the dictionary.

What is a sentence with ambition?

To love fully is a common ambition. My current ambition is to win this race today.

What is the theme of the ambitious guest?

One theme in The Ambitious Guest is ambition and how a person defines contentment in life.

Why did Alexander do what he did?

Personal ambition, and a desire to convert peoples to Greek culture and what he thought was a better way of life.

How to make an adjective from ambition?

The adjective of "ambition" is "ambitious".

What kind of noun is ambition?

Ambition is an abstract noun.

Who is the patron saint of ambition?

There is no patron saint of ambition.

What part of speech is the word Ambition?

Ambition is a noun.

What is the duration of My Ambition?

The duration of My Ambition is 480.0 seconds.

What do you evaluate success?

success really means achieving the goals that you had set up in life. it may be achieving your ambition.