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Q: What is your car loan interest rate How much did you buy your car for and how much is your payment?
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Which kind of loan has more interest rate is it heloc or heloan?

The fixed interest rate o a HELOAN can be as much as 1% lower than that of the adjustable rate on a HELOC. The payment on the HELOC, if it is interest only will be less than the payment on fully amortized payment on the HELOAN.

What Is Best For Me A Fixed Or A Variable Rate?

If you like understanding what your rate of interest and payment is going to be through the existence of the loan, you should think about a set rate loan. In comparison, a flexible rate of interest loan could give you a lesser rate and payment amount initially, using the chance the rate and payment may rise or fall later on.

What calculates the payments for loan based on constant payment at a constant interest rate?

Simple interest.

What is the average mortgage payment on 130000?

I don't think there is a such a thing as an average mortgage payment on any given dollar amount. The principal and interest payment depends on several factors besides the loan amount, primarily the interest rate and loan term(length of the loan). To keep it simple, a 130,000 mortgage at 4.5% for 30 years would be $658.69 for your principal and interest payment. If you could afford to do a 15 year loan, at the same interest rate, the monthly payment would be $994.49 and you would save nearly $60,000 in interest. If you change the interest rate, the payment could change significantly also.

How much does car payment cost for a year?

That depends on the amount of the loan, the interest rate, and the time period which you have to pay it off.

What does a student loan consolidation interest rate determine?

A student loan consolidation interest rate determines the amount of your monthly payment on your student loan. Higher interest rates would result in higher monthly payments.

What is the mortgage rate calculator used for?

A mortgage rate calculator will take a person's mortgage loan amount and the interest rate associated with the loan and give you an estimated payment rate. Normally, an estimated monthly payment rate.

How much is a student loan payment?

It all depends on your interest rate. Most student loans won't expect a payment until after you finish school. I believe you set the rate in your paperwork.

What is the monthly payment for a Nissan gtr?

The monthly payment of any vehicle purchased, regardless of manufacturer, is wholly dependent on how much money is used as a downpayment on the loan and the interest rate applied to the loan.

How much would you pay for a muscle car monthly?

Depends on sticker price of the vehicle, the interest rate on your loan, and how many months the payment period for your loan is.

Do the car loan payment calculators calculate interest of the car?

Yes, car loan payment calculators should calculate interest of the car loan. They will most likely ask you to enter the interest rate, so they can include interests in their calculations.

If a 22-day single payment loan has a periodic interest rate of 7.8 what is the approximate APR of the loan?


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