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Boogery, thick almost like eggwhite.

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No, you often get excess cervical mucus when you are pregnant anyway

I've heard it varies from woman to woman.

Although cervical mucus may become abundant in pregnancy due to the presence of hormones cervical mucus will not indicate whether you are pregnant or not. If your period is late you may test for pregnancy,otherwise it is impossible to predict whether you are pregnant or not.All the best and good luck!

If you have been sexually active over the past month you could be pregnant. There usually is an increase in cervical mucus when you are pregnant. But to be sure get a home pregnant test at the drugstore.

Women have egg-white cervical mucus due to ovulation. This is a sign that the woman is fertile and it is a better chance to get pregnant.

You can. Some women get a milky discharge called leukorrhea.

The snot like mucus is called the cervical mucus. If a woman has a 28 day cycle, then her period will normal start 14 days after the cervical mucus appears.

Cervical mucus changes vary from not only woman to woman but also pregnancy to pregnancy. A woman can have one pregnancy where she has a ton of extra cervical discharge and then another pregnancy where she has absolutely none. Typically cervical mucus in pregnancy dries up somewhat but it is not uncommon for a woman to have a lotion-like cervical mucus during her pregnancy or somewhere in between the dry and lotion-like consistencies. There is no one cervical mucus that can determine pregnancy.

yes it is one of the symptoms of preg.. good luck!

Cervical mucus is clear and runny just before ovulation and becomes thick and white after ovulation.

It is a clear type substance that oozes. If anything seems wrong or anything is out of the ordinary then get that checked up on!

yes. a female should ALWAYS have cervical mucus. this is what keeps "everthing" moist. this would be like asking if your mouth only has saliva when eating.

yes it does that.your body creates a mucus plug when your pregnant and some times peices fall off as long as you dont have a golf ball size glob of mucus come out of your vagina its ok.

All birth control pills alter cervical mucus. That is one of the mechanisms by which they prevent pregnancy -- the progestin thickens the cervical mucus.

One of the reasons for cervical mucus to be pink is when there is implantation, that's what I know

It's cervical mucus. It is like a cushion for a baby, but when you don't get pregnant, the body flushes it out each month with the periods.

Not immediately. It takes time for that fertilised egg to travel down the fallopian tube and implant in the uterus for you to become pregnant, and for pregnancy hormones to reach a point where it will effect cervical mucus. Changes in hormones will result in cervical mucus changing as it would normally after ovulation whether or not fertilisation occurs.

No, obviously a woman cannot get pregnant if she has no eggs. In order for pregnancy to occur there needs to be sperm, fertile cervical mucus, and eggs.

You should not expect cyclic cervical mucus changes while on hormonal birth control. Hormonal birth control thickens the cervical mucus.

Usually women have egg white cervical mucus when they are ovulating. However, some women have depict that not all can have symptoms of ovulation. Some even recount that they are not having any kind of cervical mucus when they are ovulating. So it is possible not to have cervical mucus and ovulate at the same time.

Yes. You have cervical mucus everyday and it also changes everyday.

Cervical mucus should not dry up during pregnancy.

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