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what i call my father elder brother's wife

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Q: What is your elder brother's wife called as?
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What is elder brothers wife is called in English?

Simply, "Sister-in-law" English does not express seniority in relationships, such as an elder uncle, or a younger cousin, except when expressed with a separate adjective, like "elder". Otherwise, "elder brother's wife" is the most simple way to directly express that concept.

What to call elder brothers wife?

sister in law

What should you call elder brothers wife?

Sister In law

What is called the wife of elder brother?

She is called a sister in law.

What is your wife's brother called as?

what i call my father elder brother's wife

What do you called brothers wife in English?

Your brothers wife is your sister in law.

What is your fathers elder brother wife called as?

She would be your AUNT.

What is brothers wife called in marathi?

In Marathi, brother's wife is called 'vayni'

How do you call elder brother's wife's sister?

மன்னி (anna) By Niharika Singh <3 correction is.........differs elder brothers wife is அண்ணி- அண்ணி sister is sometimes மன்னி,மச்சாள்,மைத்துனி,sometimes நாத்தனார்

What is your elder brother called in Telugu?

annayya అన్నయ్య any of your elder brotherspedda annayya పెద్ద అన్నయ్య eldest of your elder brothersthammudu తమ్ముడు any of your younger brothers

What should you call your elder brothers wife?

In the English language there is no difference between the wife of an elder brother and the wife of a younger brother or of a twin brother. The wife of any brother is your sister-in-law. If you are actually talking to her, however you should just call her by her name. Nicknames are fine too.

What is a brothers wife called?

Sister in law

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