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I'm having my first one now. It has been two weeks and is still going strong.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-22 14:04:03
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Q: What is your first period like after you stop breastfeeding?
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Does your menstrual cycle stop when you stop breastfeeding?

No. There´s a old rumor that you can´t get pregnant while breastfeeding and you can. After you´ve stopped breastfeeding your period should be normal.

Should you stop breastfeeding to enhance your chances of getting pregnant again?

Yes. I would not recommend stopping breastfeeding until your baby is ready, but you can stop for a short time to allow your period to start again and then continue breastfeeding for your baby's health.

Will your period stop if you breastfeed just part time?

Breastfeeding doens't affect periods.

Did your cat stop breastfeeding to soon?


Postpartum when does your menstrual cycle begin again?

If you are breastfeeding your period could possibly not start until after you stop breastfeeding. If you are not breastfeeding some people start right away while others take several months. This is all normal and nothing to worry about, but if you are worrying you should see a doctor. Keep in mind that you can get pregnant after having a baby even if you have not started your period yet.

Can an STD stop you from having your first period?

An STD will not delay your first period.

When is the right time to stop breastfeeding?

around one. don't keep doing it after his/her first birthday. that is absolutely disgusting.

When does a female stop growing?

It's like 2-3 and a half years after you get your first period.

Can you still breastfeed and have your period?

Yes, breastfeeding shouldn't be interupted because of your menstrual cycle. Breastfeeding will continue as long as your child feeds of you, once you stop feeding preferable after the child is 12 months or older your body will discontinue producing milk.

I just started NuvaRing first time and put it in when I started my period like I was told now my period stop is that normal?

Yes, inserting the first NuvaRing will often shorten a woman's period.

How do you stop an unexpected period flow?

You can't stop your period just like that. You will need medication.

Breastfeeding and pregnancy?

The question is a little vague...but it is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding. Some women will not have a period the entire time they are lactating, while other women resume their monthly cycle 2-3 months after giving birth. This varies from woman to woman and from the frequency of breastfeeding. Just because you haven't had a period, does not mean you are not ovulating. Typically a woman ovulates 2 weeks before her period. So you can ovulate before ever getting your first postpartum period. Breastfeeding also increases your chances of conceiving twins. If you are trying to conceive and would like twins, then try to get pregnant during your first postpartum period. The reason for this is because your body has not ovulated since you conceived the baby you are nursing, and sometimes when ovulation kicks in again, it can be cause hyperovulation where your ovary or ovaries release more then one egg. If you are pregnant and breastfeeding, this is perfectly fine. As long as your doctor is comfortable with the fetus growing and developing properly, then you can nurse as long as you like. If your doctor doesn't think the baby is getting adequate nutrition, or you are not consuming enough calories, you may want to stop or cut back the nursing frequency.

When you start the depo shot for the first time on the third day of your period when will your period stop?

Your period may not stop because your on the 3rd day of your period.

Can minigynon stop your period if the does is doubled on your first period day?


When should you get a period after giving birth?

It varies very much. Some women get a period about a month after giving birth. Some women do not get a period for months if they are fully breastfeeding. Just because you don't have a period does not mean you cannot get pregnant. Every Ob/Gyn (or GP) has seen women pregnant at the post-natal check. Also do not rely on breastfeeding as a contraceptive. I doesn't work like that. Every woman is different. I was breast feeding for a month and then had to stop. Then six weeks later got my first period. So all up it was ten weeks later. I don't even know if it matters if you breast feed or not to whether your period comes earlier or later. Anyway, like I said Everyone is different. Good Luck

What age do babies stop breastfeeding?

There is no real set age when babies stop breastfeeding. It can be up to the mother, or the baby can ween his/herself. In my personal opinion, I would stop breastfeeding when the baby can eat solid food, and/or drink out of a cup. Or maybe even when he or she can say that they are thirsty. But every mother and baby are different.

What is a period in grammar?

It is a full stop, like this: .

Do a NuvaRing stop your period if it just came on?

NuvaRing may or may not stop your period if you insert it on the first day of bleeding.

How long can stress stop your period?

Indefinately. Also athletes tend to skip periods or terminate cycles. And women like me that breatfeed exclusively will stop their periods. I am going on 19 months period free because of breastfeeding. Still if you are worried see someone about it. There are tons of resources available for women in most communities. i live pretty rural and we still have an obgyn clinic.

Do breast milk stop ovulation?

Yes, you will notice that while breastfeeding you will not menstruate. However, don't assume that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding.

How do you know if baby is satisfied after breastfeeding?

Your baby will stop feeding when it is satisfied.

How long till chihuahua pups stop breastfeeding?

6 to 8 weeks....

How to stop breastfeeding a 14 month old baby?

you don't have to the baby will do it on its own

What is safe to take for excess gas if you are breastfeeding?

Stop drinking gas. It will kill you.

What can stop you from having your very first period?

As far as I know nothing can actually stop your first period unless you are pregnant. I am not sure how old you are but I started mine around 11 so...