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Mine is Patella, what of yours?

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What is the bone in the knee cap called?

The knee cap bone is called the patella.

What is the bone above your knee called?

The long bone above the knee joint to the hip is called the femur. The bone at the front of the knee, often called the kneecap is called the patella.

The proper name of the knee bone?

The small bone at the front of the knee (the knee cap) is called the patella.

What is the knee bone?

The knee cap is called a patella

What is the actual name of your knee cap bone?

The knee cap bone is called the patella.

What is another name for the knee bone?

The bone in your knee, or knee cap is also called a patella. This bone sits in ligaments between the femur and the tibia.

Knee bone called?

it is called Patella.

What is the knee bone called?


What is knee bone called?


Is your knee cap bone?

Yes. The bone is called a "patella"

What is the small bone of the knee called?

The patella?

Where is the largest bone in your body and what is it called?

The largest bone is the femur, the bone that runs from your foot to the knee.

What type of bone is the patella?

sesamoid bone.knee cap is called patella....

Name for a smaller outer leg bone below the knee?

The smaller outer leg bone below the knee is called the Tibia.

What type of bone is the knee cap?

It is called the Patella.

What is the bone connecting the hip to the knee called?


What are knee caps made of?

Your knee cap is made of a bone called the Patella. So knee caps are bones.

Where is the maxilla bone in the knee?

The maxilla is a facial bone, not a knee bone.

What bone is in your knee and toe?

knee is patella and toes are called phalanges or if its one toe its a phalanx

What is bruised bone marrow of the knee?

This is called bone marrow edema. It can cause bleeding in the bone marrow, leading to severe pain. The injury is caused by an impact to the knee area.

What is the floating bone at the knee called?


What bone is the knee bone connected to?

There is a knee cap, formally known as the patella, which is not a bone, and is not connected to any bones, it just floats over them as a form of protection. There is no knee bone. The knee is a joint, not a bone.

What is the flat triangular bone in the front of your knee joint?

The patella is the flat triangular bone in front of your knee joint. The patella is called the kneecap in lay language.

Is the petalla your breast bone or knee bone?

The Patella is part of your knee.

What is another word for the bone in the body called patella?

knee cap