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If you are already in a graduate program pursuing a PharmD, your major is pharmacy. If you are pursuing an undergraduate degree to apply to pharmacy school, you would likely major in Biology, chemistry or biochemistry. Each pharmacy school has their own prerequisites, so be sure to contact the school(s) that you are interested in and find out what they require for admission.

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Q: What is your major in school if you are studying to be a pharmacist?
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What does it mean to major in High School?

The important subject you are studying in college !!

What is the duration of studies to become a pharmacist?

High school diploma, then you get your bachelor's with a major in Biology or Biochemistry and then go to grad school.

What classes do you have to pass in high school to become a pharmacist?

This would depend on the university entry requirements for studying pharmacy. The subjects would include Mathematics, Biology and Science.

What is the best school for pharmacist?

school of rock

How many years of studying does it take to become a Pharmacist in Pakistan?

4 years

What skills are necessary to be a pharmacist?

medical skils you have to go to medical school to be a pharmacist

How long you goto school to br a pharmacist?

6 years to become a pharmacist.

If I already have bachelor's degree in business administration how do i become a pharmacist?

Your start by studying pharmacology.

Do you have to finish high school to be a pharmacist?

High school and College and Pharmacy School. Becoming a licensed pharmacist requires almost as much education as being a doctor.

How long does a pharmacist need to go to school?

To be a pharmacist in the USA you have to graduate from a recognized school of pharmacy and then pass a qualifying exam approved by the state where you want to be a pharmacist. There is a national test and many states accept that, but some do not.

After finishing chemistry major how many years it takes to be a pharmacist?

Choosing a chemistry as a major subject is a wise decision if you are gonna pursue a career as a pharmacist. I think after you do your undergraduate you take the courses that are required to be a pharmacist and it should not take more than 3-4 years to get a pharmacist degree.

What jobs you do after pharmacy?

After pharmacy school? You could be a retail pharmacist, a hospital pharmacist, a researcher at a pharmaceutical company...

How can you do good in school?

By studying hard in school.

What major will you need to become a pharmacist?

There is no preset majors you need to start studying as a pharmacist but it depends on which program you are trying to join. There are direct six-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) programs such as St. John's University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences where you are recruited straight from high school. Other schools will require you to pass the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and have a concentration in chemistry and biology regardless of your major. Check with your individual college to see their program admission requirements before applying.

What is the difference between a concentration in Japanese and a major in Japanese?

I think that depends on your school. In my school, a consentration is taken in conjunction with another language under the heading "Modern Languages" and a major is just studying the language or culture or both.

How much money does a pharmacist earn in Italy?

The salary of pharmacist in Italy is the lowest in Europe. A pharmacist earns around 15.000 euros per year. Don't bother studying pharmacy in Italy unless you would like to stay poor all your life.

The advantages of studying at school?

Some advantages of studying at school are that you can get a degree and can work at any place of the world with your degree.

Can a RN become a Pharmacist?

An RN can become a pharmacist, but it will require returning to school. A pharmacist is required to take some very specific courses before becoming licensed.

Do you need to be a high school graduate to become a pharmacist?

You must complete pharmacy school (university level) in order to become a pharmacist. So, you must at least hold a GED.

When you are studying to become a pharmacist what books do you have to read?

A lot of books on pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and pharmaceutical sciences! check out

How can school be fun?

by studying and with your friends

How do you be look smart in school?

By studying.

How many years does a pharmacist have to go to school?

6 years

What is your major if you want to become a pharmacist?

usually a biology, biochemistry, or chemistry.

Can a felon become a pharmacist?

Yes, a felon can become a pharmacist. If a person can graduate pharmacy school and get a degree, then they are eligible to apply for any job.