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Your nephew's child is your great niece or great nephew.

Your nephew's grand child is your great great niece or great great nephew.

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Q: What is your nephews grandchild to you?
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What relation is your uncle to your nephews grandchild?

He would be his great great great uncle

What do you call your sister-in-law's daughter's child?

Your brother's wife is your sister-in-law and her grandchild is also your brother's grandchild - and thus your great niece or great nephew. Your spouse's sister is also your sister-in-law. Her child are your spouse's nieces and nephews and her grandchildren are your spouse's great nieces and gereat nephews. By custom, they are yours as well, however in terms of actual genetic relationship there is none and you might call them "my sister-in-law's grandchild" or "my spouse's great niece or great nephew.".

What is your grandchild's relationship to your sister's grandchild?

Your grandchild and your sister's grandchild are second cousins.

How are your grandchild and your brother's grandchild related?

Your grandchild and your brother's grandchild are second cousins.

What is your first cousin's grandchild to your grandchild?

Your first cousin's grandchild and your grandchild are third cousins.

If grandparents were married before a grandchild is born does the child become step grandchild or grandchild of the grandparent with no children?

Biologically, the grandchild is a step-grandchild to the grandparent that had no children. In matters of the heart, however, the grandchild is whatever the grandparent feels it is.

What relationship is your great grandchild to your child?


What relation is my grandchild to my sisters grandchild?

Second cousins.

What is the plural form of grandchild?

The plural of grandchild is grandchildren.

Who is Santa's grandchild?

Santa's grandchild is Kellen Welch.

What relation is my sisters grandchild to my grandchild?

Second cousins.

What do you call your brother's sons?

You call them your nephews.

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