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Why is ja rule called ja rule?

his real names is jeffrey atkins so his intials j a- ja rules, ja rule.

Do ja rules daughter have a twitter?

No she doesn't.

What is ja rules real name?


What is the authors opinion about people and rules?

What is the authors opinion about people and rules

Is metal the devils music?

Its an opinion. In my opinion there is no "devils music"

Who is the girl in Ja Rules always on time video?

Ashanti, if that's the one you are talking about.

Why is music importaint?

Ja, ja, ja this is like asking why is eating important? well u see music is a way to express your feelings and thoughts; people that are musicians have pass through things that were meaningful in their lives, and based on those event they get inspired and compose music to show the world how they feel, or simply to communicate to others the way they see things. In other words music is like "The Universal Language of Man".

Who in your opinion is a disgrace to music?

opinion 1: Rebecca black

What are the ja biztown rules?

yes there is a salon there, i actually know 2, hair salon, and Charles Penzone

What does this mean in english ja ja ja o no o anggiiie va reeiinitta ja ja ja?

In English, the Estonian phrase ja ja ja o no o anggiiie va reeiinitta ja ja ja means and and and o no o angiie except reeiinitta and and and.

What is the worst type of music in the world?

This is an opinion question so you will receive an opinion as an answer. It all depends on what you think is the most distasteful music.

Which music video does ja rule stand on big speakers?

video is how many wanna die

What has the author JA van Aalst written?

J.A. van Aalst has written: 'Chinese music'

What music did Mozart write?

"good" music (In some peoples opinion) He wrote classical music

What is your favorite Music Genre?

K-pop! The BESSTTTT! (in my opinion)

What are the 8 rules of music?

The eight rules areFind a beat to go with your songMake sure the lyrics makes senseFind a title that matches your lyricsMake a music video if you canKeep on recording until you get the right keyGet peoples opinion on the song before you let it outRecord everyday to get the song out on the top 10Have lots of fun :)

Personal opinion on jazz music?

it sux

What is the best Kirby music?

That is a matter of opinion.

Is rock music better than hip hop music?

It's a matter of opinion to each individual and no one can give another individual their opinion.

What are the music grouping rules?

triple and duple

What does de sager du ja mean?

It means "that's what YOU say" in Swedish, which expresses that the person doesn't agree with your opinion or statement.

Is rock music the best music?

This is technically a trick question. Everyone has their own opinion.

Is all music good in your opinion?

country,some pop,rock.......but not all music

Is it legal to download music from you tube?

in my opinion yes, it is legal to download music from youtube

Are rock music lyrics more poetic than rap music lyrics?