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What is your perspective of an ideal company?


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May 22, 2008 10:51AM

First of all I would like to suggest that at least a reachable goal and also suitable word is "Number One Company" than IDEAL COMPANY. How ever if there is a tough leader in a company with a characteristic with daring and caring of the institute, if he is exciting, visionary, well-balanced, honest, trustworthy, realistic and steady, it will be my ideal company. I will struggle with him to contribute from my part whether the story has a happy or an unhappy ending. If the Company plays as a part of the community of the country it is a responsibility for sustainable profit. If the Company has high ethical standards, financial strength, attractive locations, progressive working environment in long run it will be my ideal Company And as well if the Company has Flexible working conditions, clear advancement path, competitive compensation, international career opportunities and career followed by sound financial base with full-time employment is most important to me. If the Company has informal events with casual junk food and drinks, with local music it will build local touchups to the employees and it will helpful to get the harts and minds of the whole team. To be an ideal company it should have the clear vision-mission and ideas to drive the Company, those carve out its place within this larger world. The place of the company first will build by the internal reputation and naturally will have their external reputation. My ideal company should have trustworthiness to open voice of to the voiceless peripheral employees of their feelings and thoughts to everybody and act as a stakeholder without damaging the reputation. It should have modern gender equity. I want to be proud to have company related information directly if it is an ideal company. It is better if I have fewer layers, few managers to communicate, as well a big team. And I would like to re-identify me as 'professional' and recasting the occupation as a 'profession'.