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Great Great Uncle

He would be your Great, Great Uncle. You are his Great, Great Niece or Nephew.

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What relation to me is my mum's uncle?

Your relation to your mums uncle is GREAT uncle. You're welcome! 

What relation is your Grandmothers cousin in laws grandson to you?

There is no relation between you and your grandmother's cousin-in-law's grandson.

What relationship is your grandmothers brother to you?

Your grandmother's brother is your great uncle.

My uncle is my daughter's what relation?

Your uncle is your daughters great uncle.

What relation are you to your mother's uncle?

Your mother's uncle is your great uncle.

What relation is my grandmothers daughter to me?

If she's not your mother, that would make her your Aunt.

Brothers and sisters you have none but your daughters uncle is her grandmothers son?

If you have no siblings but your daughter has an uncle, he is the brother of your spouse, your brother-in-law.

What relation are you to your grandmothers great niece's?

Your grandmother's great nieces are your second cousins.

What is the relation of two men whose great grandmothers where sisters?

Two people whose great grandmothers were sisters are third cousins to each other.

What relation is your uncle to your grandson?

You grandson is great great nephew to your uncle. You uncle is great great uncle to your grandson

What relation are you to your brother in laws wifes grandmothers husband?

You are not related as you do not share a common ancestor.

What relation are my children to my uncle?

Your uncle is your children's great uncle and they are his great nieces and great nephews.

Is Jeffrey Osborne divorced?

no he is my uncle I think I would know he was my grandmothers brother Judy M.Osbourne

What relation is your grandads brother to you?

Your grandfather's brother is your great uncle and your parent's uncle.

What relation is your uncle to your nephews grandchild?

He would be his great great great uncle

What do you call your grandfather's sister's husband?

Your great uncle! (no blood relation there, but still your uncle:)

Why is the word great in great uncle?

The word 'great' is used to indicate an additional generation. If your mothers brother is your Uncle, your grandmothers brother would be your great uncle. Your grandfathers father would be your great grandfather.

Love with uncle?

Blood relation equals incest, law relation equals strange. Either way it's taboo and your gonna have to accept that if you "love" your uncle.

What relation is Scar to Simba?

His father's brother, as in his uncle.

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