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68% D+

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Q: What is your score if you got 8 wrong out of 25 questions?
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How many questions can I get wrong on a 25 questions test to score 70 percent?

30/100*25 =7.5 so you must not get more than 7 questions wrong to score 70%

25 questions you get 14 out of 25 what is your score?

If you got 14 out 25 questions right you should get a 40. This is a low grade.

What is the score if you miss 2 questions out of 8 questions?

The 2 questions that were wrong equals 25% of the score because each question is 12.5%. So if 2 questions out of 8 were wrong the score would come out to 75%. The equation to get the answer is (100 / 8 = 12.5) So (12.5 x 2 = 25) Now that you know that the questions that were answered wrong equals 25% just do (100% - 25% = 75%) So then 75% is your answer.

What grade would you get if you got 4 wrong out of 25 questions?


What is the score if you miss 4 out of 25 questions?

The "score" is the correct portion. That's 21/25 of the questions, or 84% .

What is your score if you get 11 out of 25 wrong?


What is your score if you miss 2 questions out of 25?

80 * * * * * The person who gave the above answer is certainly not getting 80%! The maximum score is 92% but the actual score depends on how many answers were not missed but wrong.

How many questions can you get wrong out of 25 questions and theres a 70 percent to pass?

70% of 25 is 17.5. That is you will pass with 7 (7.5) questions wrong.

What percentage is 11 wrong out of 25 questions?

11/25 ~ 0.44 44% of wrong answers

If you got 1 wrong out of 25 what is the percentage wrong?


What is your grade is you get 12 wrong out of 25 questions?

it is a 52%

What is your score if you miss 5 question out of 25 questions?

Your score is the part of the test where you supplied correct answers.On a test with 25 questions, if you missed 5, you answered (25 - 5) = 20 correctly.If every questions was worth the same credit, then your score is 20/25 = 80% .I'm hoping fervently that it wasn't a math test.

Trevor received a score of 96 if he answered 24 of the questions correctly how many questions were on the test?

There were 25 questions on the test.

What is your percentage if you missed 20 questions out of 80 questions?

75% right, 25% wrong.

What will give you a 75 percent score on a 25 question test?

You must get 19 questions right on a 25 question test to earn a score of 75%

If you got one question wrong out 25 what would percentage be?

4% wrong

What is the grade if you got 19 wrong out of 25?


25 wright you got 8 wrong What is the grade?


What if you getting 6 wrong out of 25?

You got a C (76%)

How do you know your score on bop it extreme?

i got 25 on bop it extreme 2

What is the percentage of 9 wrong out of 25 questions?

% rate:= 9/25 * 100%= 0.36 * 100%= 36%

What questions in sat have negative marking on them?

The questions on the SAT which have negative markings on them are called MCQ questions. It can be as low as -25% for wrong answers.

On a biology test a student got 25 questions correct but did not pass On a second attempt the student got 35 questions correct What was the percent of increase?

The percent that 35 is increased from 25 is (35 - 25) / 25 * 100, or 40 percent.

What score do you need to pass an Massachusetts permit test?

70 percent, or 18 out of the 25 questions.

What does a score of 25 on the mensa workout mean?

It means you missed 5 questions. You have to be in the top 2%.