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Zinc plus bromine makes a simple compound its zinc bromine

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zinc, aluminum, and oxidized bromine is incredibly acidic.

The transition metal zinc (Zn) will form an ionic bond with the halogen bromine (Br) to form the compound zinc bromide (ZnBr2) according to this equation: Zn + 2Br => ZnBr2

What is percent of zinc in zinc sulfate ZN plus CUSO4?

i assume its Zn (II) if it is then the formula is: ZnBr2 Valency of Zinc is 2 Valency of Bromine 1 swap over and you get one zinc atom and 2 bromine atoms, as zinc needs to gain 2 electrons to have a stable electron arrangement and Br needs one.

Zinc metal plus copper II nitrate yields zinc nitrate plus copper balanced equation?

Because the zinc is "oxydised" and the copper is "reduced"

Zinc hydroxide plus carbonic acid yields zinc carbonate plus water

Zinc plus Iron oxide is Zion Oxide

Zinc plus hydrochloric acid equals zinc chloride plus hydrogen gas.

Chlorine + Magnesium Bromide ----> Magnesium Chloride + Bromine

zinc hydrogenate + copper = zinc + copper sulphate

zinc cation it is zinc 2+ not the zinc+

Chlorine plus Sodium bromide yields Sodium chloride plus Bromine Cl2 + 2NaBr ----> 2NaCl + Br2 (Bromine is a diatomic)

To make zinc powder from zinc metal, the zinc metal will have to be crushed.

Zinc Chloride + Hydrogen

Zinc plus hydrochloric acid produces zinc chloride plus hydrogen gas. Zn +2HCl ---> ZnCl2 + H2

Zinc chloride and hydrogen gas.

Zinc Sulphate + hydrogen gas

Zinc sulphate+ hydrogen

Nitric acid plus zinc oxideNitricoxide

Yes: Elemental zinc displaces copper from its compounds because zinc is higher in the electromotive series.

copper sulphate plus zinc yields zinc sulphate and copper

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