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What island in the Indian Ocean is 52 square miles?

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AnswerIt is Christmas Island! I kid you not, it is a real island. It is a territory of Australia in the Indian ocean. Below is the link to the Wikipedia information where it lists on the right column that it is in fact 52 square miles.
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What is the area in square miles of the Atlantic ocean and the pacific ocean and the Indian ocean and the arctic ocean?

The area of the Atlantic Ocean is 30,000,000 square miles, of the Pacific Ocean is 60,100,000 square miles, of the Indian Ocean is 26,500,000 square miles, and of the arctic ocean is 5,400,000 square miles.

How many square miles does the Indian ocean cover?

The area of the Indian Ocean is 28,400,000 square miles (73,556,000 square kilometres).

What is the square miles of the Indian Ocean?

About 7,846,000 square miles.

Which is the smaller ocean Atlantic Ocean or Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean having an area of 26,500,000 square miles, is smaller then the Atlantic Ocean, which has an area of 30,000,000 square miles.

How many square miles is the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean is 28.4 million sq. miles. This is equal to 73.56 million square kilometers. It is the third largest ocean.

Is the Indian ocean over twenty-nine million square miles long?

Square miles are area, not length. The Indian Ocean measures 28,400,000 square miles (73,556,000 square kilometres)

The island nation of Maldives is spread across what square miles of ocean?

35,200 square miles of ocean

Is the Arctic Ocean bigger than the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean surface area is approximately 29,300,000 square milesThe Arctic Ocean is approximately 5,440,000 square milesThus, the Indian Ocean is larger than the Arctic Ocean.The Arctic Ocean is smaller than the Indian Ocean

Is the Indian ocean bigger than the Southern Ocean?

Yes, the Indian Ocean is larger than the Southern Ocean (aka Antarctic Ocean). The Indian Ocean is 28.4 million square miles whereas the Southern Ocean is only 7.8 million square miles

What is the size of the Indian Ocean in square miles?

It is 27,240,000 sq miles.

How much area the Indian Ocean in squre miles?

The Indian Ocean's area is 28,400,000 square miles (73,600,000 square kilometers).

What is Christmas Island?

Located in the Indian Ocean, Christmas Island is considered an external territory of Australia. It has an area of roughly 52 square miles and is approximately 225 miles south of the Indonesian island of Java (Jawa).

What capital that is 500 miles east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean?

Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, is 500 nautical miles east from Madagascar.

How long is the Indian Ocean in square miles?

73556000 km

Which is larger the Indian or Atlantic Ocean what is their difference in square miles?

The Atlantic Ocean is larger. The area of the Indian Ocean is 68.556 Million square kilometres, and the area of the Atlantic is 76.762 Million square kilometres.

What is the thir- largest ocean?

The third largest is the Indian Ocean . 26,469,900 square miles

How many gallons of water in the Indian ocean?

There are billions of gallons of water within the Indian Ocean. This ocean covers an area of 47,900,00 square miles.

Where in the World Is Diego Garcia island?

Indian Ocean about 460 miles south of Maldives. Technically known as British Indian Ocean Territory.

What ocean is north west of Australia?

The Indian Ocean lies northwest of Australia. At 28.4 million square miles, the Indian Ocean accounts for 20% of all of the water on Earth.

Where is chirstmas island?

You can find Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean, it is 220 miles south of Jakarta, Indonesia and 1,600 miles northwest of Perth, Australia. This small island is a territory of Australia.

What is the measure of Long Island in square miles square miles?

Long Island is about 1,400 square miles.

What is the name of the third largest ocean in the world?

Indian Ocean. It has an area of 26,469,900 square miles and is near the Southern Ocean, Asia, Australia and Africa. The largest ocean is the Pacific, followed by the Atlantic, the Indian, the Southern and then the Arctic Ocean.

Where is Madagascar located?

Madagascar is an island off Africa's coast is the fourth largest island in the world. it has a surface area of 226,444 square miles. it is in the Indian ocean and is separated from Africa by the 500 mile wide Mozambique channel.

What size is the Indian Ocean?

The area is 28,350,000 square miles including the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf

What is the sq mileage of the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean is 29,430,000 sq miles

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