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island? the fourth badge is in celadon

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Q: What island is the forth badge on Pokemon firered?
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Where do you get the forth badge in Pokemon ruby?


Where is the forth gym in Pokemon FireRed?

Celadon City

How do you get fourth badge in Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to the forth gym!

Where do you get the forth badge in Pokemon Emerald?

you travel to lavavine town

What is the forth badge you get in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokémon Silver, the fourth Badge that you get is the Fog Badge and you will get it after beating Morty, the leader of the Ecruteak Gym.

What gym badge do you need to get in order to use strength outside of battle on Pokemon white?

well u have to had your forth gym badge.

Can you get all the badges and then go back and do the contests on Pokemon sapphire?

Yes, there is no specific order to complete them in. You could win a badge, then go and try a contest, back and forth.

What is the forth largest island in the world?

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world.

Where is the forth gym leader Pokemon platinum?

The forth gym leader is in Veilstone City

How do you get lines under your membership badge on club penguin?

Once your membership has run out&you renew it, you will get a line underneath your badge . you will receive another when you renew again&so on&so forth.

Is Madagascar the forth largest island in the world?

Yes it is the 4th largest island in the world

What is the forth most large island in the world?

The fourth largest island in the world is Madagascar.

In Pokemon Silver what hm do you get in forth gym?

Its a TM, and its Shadowball

What is a forth generation game on Pokemon?

Diamond, pearl, and platinum

How do you clone Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

you can with a ditto if you go to the day careIt is possible. You need to get the national pokedex first, and then trade that Pokemon you want to clone to emerald.(that emerald person must haz beat the elite 4 and national pokedex) he/she will clone . He/she must know how to clone the Pokemon in emerald. you can also clone certain Pokemon in firered. but you have to have a ditto and the Pokemon you want to clone, then go to the day-care-center in island 4. if they have a egg, it is sertin that that is the Pokemon that you want to clone(NOTE)you must have already defeated the elite four and have a rainbow pass to go to island 4.hi: from MattYou can't clone Pokemon but you can make an egg by leaving the Pokemon that you want an egg from, and a Ditto with the lady on 4 Island. She makes them higher levels.Once you have given them to her go back and forth between Vermilton City and 4 Island 10 Times and run around in between each one. When you finally go back the last time the man will say he has an egg. Take it, run around a shitload and after a while it will hatch.Note.- Rare Pokemon can't have an egg. (Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo etc..) - The Pokemon must be at least second generation. eg. Charmelion, Wartortle, not Charmander or Squirtle. - If the man outside the house says that the Pokemon don't get along well then they will make an egg.Answergo to the daycare and put dito and any Pokemon and just go to places In Pokemn FireRed, you can't clone. One thing you can do, is mate a male/female Pokemon with a Ditto on Four Island's Day Care. Just leave your two Pokemon there for a while, and the old man will be one step in front of the gate. Talk to him, but make sure you have room for one more Pokemon in you party. He'll give you an egg to hatch by running around for a long time. When it hatches, it will be your "cloned" Pokemon.

What is the name of the forth Pokemon movie?

The name for the 4th Pokemon Movie is called: "Pokemon 4ever" and the legendaries in it are Celebi and Suicune!

One African nation is the forth largest island in the world?


Were do you fine the forth gym leader in Pokemon diamond?

pastoria city

How do you hatch an egg in Pokemon?

you run back and forth for 2000 steps

Who is the forth gym leader in Pokemon Pearl?

It is Crasher Wake, in Patoria City.

Where is the forth gym leader in Pokemon Pearl?

Crasher Wake is in Pastoria City.

What Pokemon's forth letter in its name is an e?

togepi -kainachu (yea, it's that easy...)

How do you get to the forth island on sims 2 cast away?

I think you have to fix the forage. -James Perkins

How do you get more badges on WikiAnswers?

To get more badges, you must join more programs (you must be at least 13 to join a program). If you join WIT, you get a special WIT badge on your Bio Page. If you join the WikiReviewers, then you get a WikiReviewer badge, and so forth. It's all about the programs!

Is the Pokemon center in New York closed?

no not to my knowledge so go forth, buy lots of Pokemon merchandise, and cream the elite four