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24 Carrot Island was the 4th Poptropica island.

The first 9 in order were:

Early Poptropica

Shark Tooth Island

Time Tangled Island (originally Time Twisted)

24 Carrot Island

Super Power Island (originally Super Hero)

Spy Island

Nabooti Island

Big Nate Island

Astro Knights Island


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Time Tangled Island, the third island of Poptropica, was released in July 2008.

Time Tangled Island was the 3rd island in Poptropica and debuted in 2007, and was originally called Time Twisted Island.

The answer is Time Tangled Island.

no. there is not a sub in poptropica

it is in time tangled island in 1882!

they are in 1519ad on time tangled island

Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island. Complete all the challenges on Time Tangled Island.

Time Twisted Island, which had its name changed to Time Tangled Island, was released in June, 2008. It was the 3rd island of Poptropica.

in time tangled at the very end of the island

he is in Time Tangled island in the time 1877 A.D.

Nabooti Island and Time Tangled would be my opinion.

They are on time tangled island in the timesolt of the dude with the helmet

The special sunglasses from Spy Island were an item on Time Tangled Island, but are no longer there.

Leonardo da Vinci is featured on Poptropica's Time Tangled Island.

The barrel of explosives on time tangled is on the left of the Great Wall of China.

It's on top of the roof of the first building in Ancient Greece, in the Time Tangled Island.

The pumpkin head is in Time Tangled Island and you have to find it.

go to poptropica cheat book .com

on the chimmney on the time tangled island of the decleration of indipendence.

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