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King Zimri, who reigned for seven days. ( I Kings 16:15)

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Is three months the second shortest reign in the bible?

No. The second shortest reign was Shallum, a king of Israel who reigned one month. (2 Kings 15.13)

Which English King had the shortest reign?

Lady Jane

Was Israel at war during king Solomon's reign?


What was the capital of Israel during King Solomon's reign?


What was Israel like during David's reign in th bible?

The Bible tells us that the reign of King David was a time of wealth and power for Israel. Israel was doing well.

Who was the king of Israel during king David's reign over Judah?


Who had the shortest reign in history?

Ask the question properly, shortest reign of who or what.

King Solomon's place of birth?

He was born in Israel, in the 28th year of King David's reign.

Which king in the Old Testament had the shortest reign?

King Zimri, who reigned for seven days. ( I Kings 16:25)

When did David become King of Israel?

According to tradition, King David's reign began in 876 BCE.

Who was the Fifth king of Israel whose reign lasted only a week?

Zimri was the fifth king of the Northern Kingdom of Israel and reigned for seven days in 885BC.

Which king had the longest reign over the kingdom of israel?

jeroboam ll

Whose reign was shortest among kings in the Bible?

King Zimri, the 5th king of the Northern Kingdom, killed King Eiah and reigned as king for only 7 days.

What are the approximate dates of King Solomon's reign?

Solomon was the King of Israel and kept his reign from 970 to 931 BC, which can be approximately calculated to be 40 years. Given that one year has 365 days, his total days on reign was about 14600.

When Did Israelite King David reign?

David reigned over Israel during 1000 - 967 BC

What happened to the nation of israel during king davids rule?

The north and south were united during his reign.

When was Jerusalem named the capital of israel?

Around the range of 1040 - 1010 BCE, during the reign of King David.

When did Jerusalem become the religious center of Israel?

During the reign of King David, between 1010 and 970 B.C.E.

How long did king Solomon rule over israel?

King Solomon, also known as Jedediah, was a king of Israel and son of David (according to sources such as the Qur'an and the Book of the Kings). His reign is generally considered to have lasted from around 970 to about 931 BC.

Which of the kings had the shortest reign in the bible?

Jesus - he was king for maybe a week, tops, but more likely just a day he was acknowledged as King of the Jews by Pilate for that he got himself crucified as a king, instead of royal splendor, he experienced agony, torture and shame beyond all compare what a reign

Was Harold III the shortest to reign?

King Henry III (Henry of Winchester) ruled England from 28 October 1216 until his death on 16 November 1272 at age 65. His reign was much longer than the average reign of English rulers.

How long did Jeroboam reign?

it is said to be that king jeroboam reigned in northern Israel for 22-27 as stated in 1 King sorry don't know wat chapter :(

Was king Solomon first king of Israel?

King Solomon was in face not the 1st king of Israel. The first King of Israel is King Saul, He was appointed King by the Prophet Samuel, Saul was considered a horrible King due to his sense of humility, but after awhile Saul became the King the Jews wanted / needed. King Saul's Reign only lasted two years due to defying the commandment of God, he did not wipe out the anti-Jew race ( sorry forgot what their name was ).

Who was the first king of a united Israel?

Saul was Israel's first king. David was the king that had a truly united kingdom... it started to have issues during the reign of Solomon. Read 1 & 2 Samuel.

Who was the Biblical king who was king for only one day?

== Answer== I think "a king for a day" is more of a metaphor for King Zimri who ruled over Israel for seven days during King Asa's reign, 1 Kings 16:15.