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There could be an endless possibility of things going on in his life that don't allow him to date at the moment, or he may just not be into you

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How do you read the date code on Marshall's merchandise?

you cant figure out the exact date, but it does tell you the month. For example if it says 01 in the top right corner that means it came in January

What does it mean if you ask a guy a guy if he likes you and he says i cant answer that question?

That uselly means he does like you but that he is just really scared. Or it means he doesnt want to date, or he cant date. thanks sooo much :D

What does it mean when he says he cant betray his girlfriend?

It means that you two will not be going on a date any time soon.

What do you do if a guy says he cant date you right now because of the age difference but you both know you like each other?

move on

Why does a guy says he is not pursuing any relationships right now?

Generally, that means he doesn't want to date you.

What if the girl says that you can have everything on this earth except her?

OK it means she doesn't want that person its like she hates you doesn't want you, you cant date her get it

What does it mean if you ask a girl out and she says she cant answer that right now cause she has a boyfriend?

It means she has a boyfriend, and she doesnt want to cheat on him but she might still think about going out with you.

What does it mean when you ask a girl out and she says fine?

It means you have a date.

What does it mean to have an right to an education?

it means what it says

A girl says she likes you as a friend?

that means she will not date you ever!!!!!!!!!! means you have no chance of scoring with her

What does it mean when a girl says okay?

If you asked her out and she says ok then it means you've got a date!

What does it mean when a boy says can i touch your melons?

it means i cant touch your boobs

What to do for the first time to hang out with a guy that you just met?

ask him on a date, there is nothing that says you cant

Why cant you send a gift to a friend from the market in farmville?

if it says "send" that means that you can send it but if it doesnt say "send" then you cant

When a boy says right back at you?

It means "you too".

How do you ask a girl to prom?

You just go right on up to her and ask her if she is going to prom if she says yes then ask if she has a date if she says no then you say "well do you want to go with me?" then if she says yes to that you did everything right and as a bonus you got your self a prom date!

What does it mean when a boy says they wouldn't date you if you were the last girl on the earth?

It means that even if you were the last person alive, he would not date you. So it pretty means they will NEVER date you

If someone says they will be out through a date?

When someone says they will be out till a curtain date, that most likely means they either wont be around, going out of town, or out of the office.

What does it mean when a girl says they don't want a relationship right now but in the future they do?

It means they wanna get married but they don't wanna date right now. Because they believe they'll find "true love".

How do you change the date on your computer?

on the very bottom right..right click where it says --ex:3:48 PM-- then go to adjust date and time

What if your mom says you cant date until you answer this question but you cant so here it is What changes if you have a boyfriend than just a friend?

your feelings for each other get more passsionate nd intimate i had to answer a similar ? when i started to date

Can Leah clearwater have kids?

um no because in breaking dawn she says she is meenopausal which means she cant.

When YouTube says 'Video Unavailable in your playlist what does that mean?

It means it cant find the video or its unavaidible.

What does it mean when a girl says as long as I am with you I am all right?

It means she likes you.

What does it mean when he says i like you?

Boys are simple so take what he says for face value! He likes you means just that! Go on a date!