Thorny Devils (lizard)

What it the average weight for a female thorny devil?

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the average weight of the female thorny devil is 95g.

The average weight of a female Tasmanian devil is around 7 kg, but the female can grow to 9 kg in weight.

The average life span of the thorny devil is around 15 years.

The thorny devil does not give birth, but reproduces by laying eggs. The female lays a clutch of between 3 and 10 eggs.

It damage the thorny devil.

Thorny devils do not raise their babies. The female thorny devil digs a burrow in the sand, and deposits the eggs there. Then she leaves them to hatch on their own, a process which can take many months. When the young thorny devil hatch, they are able to care for themselves, and start eating ants immediately.

a thorny devil has 100 babys

The thorny devil isn't a mammel

A thorny devil ecosystem is the desert

the thorny devil is a lizard and the tasmanian devil is sort of a dog. also the tasmanian devil lives in tasmania and the thorny devil lives in south australia

what eats a desert lizard called the thorny devil

Yes. The Thorny devil belongs to the order Squamata.

There is no specific name for a male thorny devil.

no, the thorny devil is diurnal because it is active during the day.

a thorny devil cost 90 to 1,000 dollars

Australia's thorny devil is only a couple of centimetres in height.

The thorny devil is a vertebrate, just as all reptiles are vertebrates.

As the thorny devil is not endangered, there are no accurate figures available on its population.

the thorny devil does not eat humans but can do some bad things to you

As the thorny devil is not endangered, there are no accurate figures available on its population. Websites that state the thorny devil is endangered, with around 1000 reptiles remaining, are incorrect.

Thorny devils breathe using lungs. The thorny devil is a reptile, and all reptiles breathe using lungs.

There are many aboriginal dialects. In the language of the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people, who populate the area where the thorny devil is mostly found, the thorny devil is known as Ngiyari.

A baby thorny devil is a miniature replica of the adult thorny devil. When first hatched, it is identical to the adults, only very much smaller.

i am thinking of getting a thorny devil but don't know how much it will be.

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