What items are not allowed on Delta Airlines?

The TSA specifies which items are allowed and not allowed on airplane. Please see the related link below for a list of prohibited items.

Delta Airlines Carry-On Baggage

The following additional conditions apply to the acceptance of carry-on baggage.

1. Subject to Space Availability

Acceptance of carry-on baggage is subject to space availability on the aircraft at the time the passenger

boards. If adequate space is not available, Delta may require that the baggage be checked.

2. Stowage During Flight

All carry-on baggage must be retained in the passenger's custody and stored under a seat or in an

overhead compartment approved for the carriage of such baggage.

3. Size and Weight Limits for Carry-On Baggage

Carry-on baggage may not exceed a maximum outside linear dimension of 45 inches or a maximum weight of 40 lbs.

4. Responsibility for Carry-On Baggage

Carry-on baggage which remains in the custody of the passenger is the sole responsibility of the passenger.

Delta will not accept claims for lost, forgotten, or stolen carry-on baggage unless such baggage is tendered to Delta's in-flight personnel for storage during flight or otherwise delivered into the custody of Delta. Storage in overhead bins or under a seat shall not be construed as delivery into Delta's custody.