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This signature piece -- from Wikipedia:

"Francis was known for a heart-shaped diamond pendant, a gift from Gabel [on their first wedding anniversary], which she wore on nearly all of her What's My Line appearances; the pendant was stolen by a mugger, as Francis was exiting a New York City taxi in 1988 ."


Arlene Francis' husband, Martin Gabel, was son of a Philadelphia jeweler, Israel Gabel.

Finding a record of attribution of the fabricating jeweler requires additional research, which contributors are welcome to produce.

The jewelry was made in a company called Spiedel in Providence RI. SOme think Tiffany but Tiffany was not around then;Tiffany was established in 1984. The jewelry was made in the late 1950 to 1960's. Bulova was around them too, but it's main stay was watches. So Spiedel was the only one making jewelry as well as watches. The rest of the jewelery places only did jewelry not watches. This includes Monet as well as Trifari.

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2012-02-24 21:42:53
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Kevin Childs

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2023-04-06 21:22:34
The Heart shaped piece was crafted by my uncle Bill, who worked as a diamond setter in the famous "Diamond District" (47th Street) in New York City. He made a duplicate copy for my Aunt Lily' using less expensive gems.
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Kevin Childs

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2023-04-06 21:24:26
"Uncle Bill" was William Soronen
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Thomas Schneider

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2021-09-04 19:28:53

I can add that for a fact, my grandfather, a platinum jeweler in Chicago, made this necklace. His name was Emil Gruener and he was employed by Haefliger Co, later Gehring and Co. located on Wabash Ave. in the city. These manufacture jewelry companies made custom and stock jewelry for Peacock and Marshall Fields.

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Q: What jeweler made Arlene Francis' diamond heart necklace?
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