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More than he should! Why should he work for four years, and the people tote him the rest of his life? Doesn't that tell you something? He knows that the people are basically slaves, for who would want to pay another man for doing nothing?

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What are the job benefits of the president?

running the us

Does the vice president of the us receive benefits when out of office?


What benefits can you receive if Barack Obama becomes President of the US?

It is unlikely that benefits will change regardless of who is elected. A change in benefits requires much more than the 'wish' of the President.

Do you have to be a US resident to receive Medicare benefits?

no, but you have to be a US citizen

Can British World War 2 vets receive veteran benefits in US?

They are not eligible for US Veteran's benefits. There should be no reason they cannot receive any British Veteran's benefits they are entitled to.

Can british ww2 veterans receive veteran benefits from the US or the UK?

You receive benefits (if available) from the country you served and enlisted with

How many people in the us receive welfare benefits?


How does the President of the US receive his paycheck?

He steals IT......

What percent of US citizens have welfare?

what percent of us population receive welfare benefits

If you quit your job will you continue to receive short term disability benefits?

If you quit a job where does short term disability come into play. Perhaps a little more information will help us to give you an accurate answer. Sorry.

What job did the president of the US have before becoming president?


What is the consitiutional job of the Vice-President?

He serves as the President of the US Senate.

What compensation does that us president receive?

$400,000 a year

What is the job description of the president of the US?


What is the job of the president of the us?

they repsed the world

Can i receive social security benefits if I'm not a us citizen?

yes, if you have worked for.

Who decides the amount the President will receive as his salary?

The people, us.

Does the president of the US and the first lady receive a clothing allowance?


How does the US Vice President get his job?

He/She is elected like the President of the United States

What were some benefits George Washington had as president?

he given us freedoom

Which us president compared his job to riding a tiger?

President Harry S. Truman compared his job to riding a tiger.

Can you transfer your ss benefits to Puerto Rico?

I suppose so. We receive SSI benefits and the same rules apply here and in the US.

What are benefits that the US president receives?

The President receives an entertainment budget and expense budget. The entertainment budget is around 20,000 dollars a year. They also receive 200,000 a year for the rest of their life after they leave office. They also have a travel budget.

What job training can one receive by joining the US Army?

When joining the US Army, you can receive job training in almost any field. You can get training in fields such as Medical, Law, Transportation, Intelligence and more.

How old do you have to be to receive a birthday card from the president of the US?

You have to be age 80 or older to receive a card from the President. (to request one for someone, see the related link.)