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They are scary because of the Steven King movie "IT". If you haven't seen it don't watch it! Also the have so much face makeup on you cant tell who it is.


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Where can you work at you are a 15 year old girl?

Babysit, dog sit, mow lawns, wash cars , have a paper route.

What job can a 14 year girl get?

Well, not many you can walk dogs or babysit near or at home. mowing lawns and detassling corn are also options.

Can anyone help a 12yr old girl find work?

well you can wash windows take care of animals babysit mow lawns rake yard and any other jobs you can think of

What jobs can a 12-year-old girl get in Richmond Virginia?

A business owner cannot hire a 12 year old, 14 is the legal age. However, a 12 year old is legal to babysit and do other odd jobs like mowing lawns, walking dogs, etc.

Were can a 14yr old girl can work at?

A 14 year old can babysit, walk/feed dogs, mow lawns, but not work a real job. The federal law for child labor states that a child has to be 16 to work a real job.

How can a 11 year old girl babysit?

They could be mother's helper and then when they r 12 they could babysit.

What is the average age for a girl to babysit?

you have to be 13 or over

Are there any jobs for a 12yr old girl?


Jobs for Thirteen year olds?

If your a boy.....mow lawns If your a girl.....babysit Those are the best ways to earn money at the age. You can pretty much much more than a typical job with payroll and all that other stuff. You can't get a actually job until you are 14

Can a mature 9 year old girl babysit?

I wouldn't recommend it.

How can a 13 year old girl make some money?

Sell Girl Scout cookies or babysit.

Can a 14 year old girl babysit a 6 year old girl in the state of Pennsylvania?

Sure why not?

Can a 12 year old girl babysit?

Yes. If you think you are responsible enough, you can.

What job can a girl get at home that's 12?

There are a few jobs that a 12 year old girl can get at home. They can babysit for example.

What kind of job can a 10 year old girl get that pays her 20 or 40?

you can babysit

What is the detailed summary for Girl Meets Brother on Girl Meets World?

On Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Brother, Riley gets to babysit her brother for the first time.

How can a 12 yr old raise money?

A 12 year old could do such things as offer to mow people's lawns for money, help out friends and neighbours with chores or any big projects, and, depending on where he/she lives, may be able to obtain employment as a paperboy/girl. Also, if this 12 year old is a girl, she could probably babysit. I suppose boys could do that as well, but it's not as common.

How can a mature 12 year old girl babysit?

they can if they are mature enough and if they can be relied on by adults/parents!

Can a ten year old mature girl babysit for other families?

not until she is 12 or 13

How does a twelve year old girl make money?

you can babysit it makes some good money

Is it okay for a ten year old girl to babysit?

If the ten year old girl in question is a responsible person, she could babysit. Not all ten year olds could be trusted with such a responsibility, but some can. In Addition: It depends on the laws in that state, if they are responsible, and how old the kid they are watching is.

Where can a 13-year-old girl find a job for after school or on weekends?

being only 13 your not going to find a "good paying job" unless you can find someone to babysit for or cleaning someones house or mowing lawns most businesses or stores or anything usually only hire people 16 and up because of transportation reasons.

Can an 9 year old girl get a job?

No. Not a job job. There are child labor laws that prevent this so no one would hire you. You could feed neighbors pets while they are gone, rake leaves, mow lawns, help around the house. At nine you are too young to babysit, so you are pretty much stuck with jobs like the ones I have listed.

What is the legal age limit for a girl to babysit in Connecticut?

To stay alone you should be at the minimum age 11. To babysit you must be the age of 15 or older unless you are mature and highly trained there can be an arrangement to be at the age of 12.

What kind of jobs can a 14-year-old get in Michigan?

Whne i was 14 i had a job as a paper girl or a bagboy/girl also you can babysit for cash.