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What job can you get with a certificate in bookkeeping?

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Bookkeeper, junior/assistant accountant. administrative positions

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Where can I get a bookkeeping certificate?

You should be able to acquire a bookkeeping certificate from most community colleges, some 4 year colleges or from any continuing education facility.

Can you give me a sentence with the word bookkeeping?

The librarian gave me a job of bookkeeping.

How old does somebody need to be in order to get a bookkeeping job?

In order to get a bookkeeping job you must be at least 18 years old. This is due to the fact that you need to have further education after high school. You can enroll in bookkeeping classes at your local college.

What are the certification requirements for bookkeeping?

An accounting certificate is always very helpful for obtaining a bookkeeping job. You do not need a 4-year degree in most cases, so look to community college and online college certification programs which are typically less expensive and do not require lengthy study times.

Is there a school in WA state offering bookkeeping courses?

Yes, Clark College in Vancouver Washington offers bookkeeping courses. You can receive your Certificate in Proficiency as an accounting clerk there as well.

What skills do I need to find a bookkeeping job?

Bookkeeping businesses vary by location. You can find a good bookkeeping business by searching for reviews on Google or you can even purchase software to help you. Try An excellent site is

What are some websites that help people get bookkeeping jobs?

Bookkeeping jobs are prominently featured on many job hunting sites. One should try looking at job aggregation sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed.

What courses are needed to obtain a bookkeeping certification?

To obtain a bookkeeping certification in the United-States, one needs to pass the Uniform Bookkeeper Certification Examination. In Australia, one needs to get a TAFE certificate. As financial records become increasingly digital, bookkeeping clerks need to use specialized accounting software, spreadsheets and databases. Technology has eliminated many of the duties historically performed by clerks; however, the job outlook remains strong as financial regulations and increased economic growth overall will mean a 14 percent increase in job growth over the next several years.

Can you go to college with an high school certificate?

I want to go to college but I have a graduation certificate. Can I get a job with a certificate.

Are there job opportunities for bookkeeping?

Well, yes. there should be. If you study admin and I.T in collage, then you should be able to qualify for a job in a bank or as an accountant

What skills are needed for a secretarial bookkeeping job?

Both secretarial and bookkeeping skills are required for this position. Secretarial skills include customer service and communication skills, as well as the ability to type and produce general business documents. Strong basic math skills are necessary for bookkeeping.

Where can I get certified for bookkeeping?

NACPB is the only national bookkeeping association dedicated exclusively to the needs of bookkeeping professionals providing bookkeeping services.....

Where can one find information about an AAT bookkeeping program on the internet?

Online certificate programs in AAT bookkeeping can be found through Premier Training, Home learning College, Eagle Education, Reed College, Kaplan Financial and the Association of Accounting Technicians.

What is the quickest possible way to obtain a bookkeeping certificate?

There are two ways I am aware of obtaining a quick bookkeeping certificate.You can study for a four year degree or a two year degree.You should contact your school councilor and see what they suggest for your particular situation.

Does CPA do bookkeeping?

No, not necessarily. Bookkeeping is another profession. CPAs are over qualified for Bookkeeping.

How do I find information on bookkeeping employment?

Your local community college should have information about what kinds of classes are needed for a job in bookkeeping. Once you have the education you can find jobs in the local newspaper under accounting jobs.

Where will you find answers to bookkeeping?

We have Accounting and under that is Bookkeeping. Look in Categories on left. Type in Bookkeeping.

What jobs can you get with a certificate in business administration?

what kind of job i get after completing certificate in business administration

Do you need birth certificate to get a job?


Do you have to be licensed to be a bookkeeper?

No you do not have to be licensed through the state to become a bookkeeper. Only CPA's are required by the state to have a license. Otherwise you can start working once you have a bookkeeping certificate

What site let me earn my bookkeeping certificate online ?

There are three steps required to get bookkeeper certification: post-secondary education, bookkeeping experience, and the successful completion of the certification examination. The first step toward getting a bookkeeper certification is to complete a post-secondary education program.

Informal business bookkeeping system?

what is indigenous bookkeeping system

Is bookkeeping one word or two?

Bookkeeping is one word.

What is the meaning of bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions. Transactions include sales, purchases, income, and payments by an individual or organization. Bookkeeping is usually performed by a bookkeeper. Bookkeeping should not be confused with accounting. ...

What has the author George Washington Miner written?

George Washington Miner has written: 'Bookkeeping' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Bookkeeping 'Principles of bookkeeping' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Bookkeeping