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Q: What job did Richard king do?
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Who did king Richard kill?

Which king Richard?

Who was king after Richard 11?

After King Richard II Henry IV was king

When was Richard king?

1305 was the date of the marriage of King Richard I

Is james king king land and water a decendant of captain richard king king ranch?

Yes, his father is Dick King, his father Rihard King, his father Richard King, his Father Richard King, his Father Captain Richard King who founded the King Ranch.

What was the nickname of king Richard of England?

There have been three King Richards. King Richard I was also known as Richard the Lionheart.

Who was mother of King Richard?

King Richard's mother was Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Richard was her favourite son.

When was king Richard married?

1305 was the date of the marriage of King Richard I

What resulted in a truce reached by king Richard I and Saladin?

King Richard I

What resulted in a truce between king Richard and saladin?

King Richard I

Who succeeded King Richard I?

King Richard I of England was succeeded by his brother who became King John.

What is St. Richard the King the patron saint of?

Richard the King has no patronages ascribed to him.

When did Richard King - artist - die?

Richard King - artist - died in 1974.

When was Richard King - artist - born?

Richard King - artist - was born in 1907.

When did Richard King Mellon die?

Richard King Mellon died in 1970.

When was Richard King Mellon born?

Richard King Mellon was born in 1899.

What was king tuts job?

King tuts job was to be a king

Who did King John replace as the King of England?

King John succeeded his brother King Richard (Richard the Lionheart) in 1199.

Who did Richard kill?

nephews king Richard

What did king Richard do?

Which King Richard? There have been three Kings of England called Richard, you need to specify which one.

Did King John like King Richard?

As far as I know, King John and King Richard had no problems with each other when they were young.

How old was King Richard when he died?

King Richard was about 41 years of age when he died

When was King Richard I born and when did he die?

King Richard was born on 1157 and died in 1199.

What Period Was King Richard 1st in?

King Richard was around during the medieval times.

Who was the father of Richard the Lionheart?

King Richard I of England was the son of King Henry II.

Was King Richard dethroned?

King Richard was not dethroned. He was King of England until his death. He was also the Duke of Normandy.