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Filipinos moved to the United States in 1898 where they worked in domestic service, agriculture or became students. Between 1906 to 1935, a high number of Filipinos moved to Hawaii as plantation works in sugar and pineapple fields. In 1965 after the Immigration Act, the educated Filipino population worked in the medical and technical industry.

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Negative characteristics of Filipinos?

IN MY OPINION.Some Filipinos tend to be so lazy especially when they know that someone will do the job for them.

What reasons did the Filipinos have coming to America?

reasons why Filipinos go to America: to seek greener pasteur; to have a good job to elevate their status in life; for better future

Are Filipinos considered to be Americans?

No. Filipinos are not Americans. They are Filipinos and they come from the Philippines and not in America.

Most popular job for Filipinos in the US?

food service industry and really any thing us Americans do

What are common stereotypes about Filipinos?

For the positive stereotypes: -Filipinos are hardworking -Filipinos are smart -Filipinos are family oriented (we value our family) Fot the negative stereotypes: -Filipinos are always late -Filipinos always want to be the best (even if it means cheating along the way) -Some Filipinos tend to have crab mentality.

Where do Filipinos live?

Filipinos are residents of the Philippines.

Are Filipinos pacific islanders?

Filipinos are Asian.

Ancient values of the Filipinos?

Ancient values of the Filipinos?

Where are Filipinos from originally?

It is believed Filipinos descended from Malaysians.

How can you compare Filipinos today from the Filipinos before?


Do Filipinos need visa to Malaysia?

yes, Filipinos do

Who speaks English better Indians or Filipinos?


Do Filipinos need visa to travel in Fiji?

NO the Filipinos do not

Where did the Filipinos live in hawaii?

The Filipinos lived on the plantation

Are Filipinos Asian?

Filipinos are AsianFilipinos are technically Asian because the Philippines are in Asia but they can be called Pacific Islanders.

What are the different cultures of the Filipinos?

what are the different culture we have inherited as filipinos

The great Filipinos mathematician?

theThe great Filipinos are Jose rizal

How did the Filipinos react to the provisions of the Treaty of Paris?

The Filipinos were disappointed.

What religion do the Filipinos practice?

Most Filipinos are Roman Catholic.

What are the resourceful and creativity of the filipinos?

do you think filipinos are still successful?why

How do use the word Filipinos in a sentence?

my friends are all Filipinos.

Importance of Noli and Fili to the life of Filipinos?

it shows:strong will of the Filipinos to fight for freedomthat Filipinos are NOT poor in literaturethat Filipinos really love their countryun lang cguro. .lol

How can Filipinos be identified as Filipinos?

Typical Filipinos are short and with brown complexion, brown eyes, black hair and relatively flat nose.

The customs and tradition of early Filipinos?

early custom and tradition of filipinos?

Why Filipinos love basketball so much?

because Filipinos are good at it