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What jobs do our bones do?

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What is the small bones of your body?

The smallest bones in your body are actually in your ear and they do a big job

What can small bones do in your body?

make up the bones

What are the name of the small bones in the human body?

These bones are called ossicles.

Which bone is used for small movements?

The human skeletal system is made of 206 bones. The bones used for small movements in the body depends on which part of the body is moving. For example, if the wrist is moving the smaller parts of the carpel bones are the small bones used for small movements.

What is the bones job in the body?

Bones give your body the support to be able to stand up. Also bones protect vital organs in the body. bones produce red blood cells which if we didn't have we would die.

Are there 212 bones in the human body?

The number of bones in the human body will depend on which book your reading it will say 206 or 212 bones. 212 bones in the body is correct if you count the ossicles which are 3 small bones in each ear.

What part of the human body has a similar job to the chloroplast?

The Bones.

What is a job of the bone?

The job of a bone is to hold your body together. If you didn't have bones in your body you would be a big blob on the floor.

Smallest bones in the human body?

There are three very small bones inside your ear.

In what parts of the body are the bones small?

Inside the ear

What job do the bones have in the body?

It holds the body up so that it does not act like gelatin.

Which of your 5 senses needs the tiniest bones in your body to its job?


What is the job of the bone?

Bones help your body move/walk and run! (:

What is the main job of the smallest bones in the body?

The "ossicles" are the hammer, anvil, and stirrup (the malleus, incus, and stapes) which are small bones of the middle ear. They carry vibrations from the eardrum to the cochlea, which allows us to hear sounds. They also "hear" sounds carried by vibrations in the body.

What are the three small parts of ears?

The three small bones located inside your middle ear are the hammer, anvil, and stirrup. They are the smallest bones in you body.

How does the shape of the nerve cell help them do their job?

it helps it do its job by how small it is to fit in your body

What are the bones in the body?

Bones in the body

What the purpose of your bones?

Well, without bones, your body would be like jelly. the muscles themselves cant sustain all the weight of your body, so that's when the bones come in and do their job to hold everything up and move around :)

What is the job of the human bone?

The job of the human bone is to keep your body in its shape with out your bones you would be just a big pile of goop

What is inside bones what job does it do in the body?

inside the bone,we have bone marrow,which produces blood cells for the body. by jackpot jawahar raman

How many bones in a man?

In the human body there are 206 bones in the body. 198 bones will works in our body. There 8 bones in our skull does not work in our body

How many bones are in kid body?

In a child's body, there are 208 bones. In an infant's body, there are 350 bones. In a newborn baby's body, there are 300 bones.

Are there More bones in hands or body?

As the bones of the hand are in the body and there are bones other than those of the hand in the body, it follows there are more bones in the body.

What are the bones of the ossicles?

Malleus(hammer),incus(anvil),stapes(stirrup) are the ear ossicles found in our body. In fact stapes is the smallest bone found in our body.

How do bones support your body?

The main job of the skeleton is to provide support for our body. Without your skeleton your body would collapse into a heap. Your skeleton is strong but light. Without bones you'd be just a puddle of skin and guts on the floor.

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