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none, i have a class a misdem. and no one but someone desperate would hire some one like that i was lucky enough to find a job for a year but when they hired a new operations manager he fired me, so good luck

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What city has more people Houston Texas or Dallas Texas?


Why is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor in Texas?

its a misdemeanor everywhere. its a danger to the public.could kill people and destoroy things.

Which city in Texas as the largest number of people?

Houston, Texas

What is the home state of Houston Texans?

Well, Houston is in Texas, and Texans are people from Texas, so it must be... Alabama?

What are the Cubans in Houston Texas like?


Will Texas extradite a misdemeanor dwi fugitive from another state?

will texas extradite misdemeanor fugitives?

Is Houston Texas the capital of Texas?

Austin Texas is the capital of Texas. Not Houston Texas.

Why do most people live in Houston in Texas?


Where can you get apartment listings in Harris County Texas that will accept a HUD VASH voucher?

need a list of apartments in houston 77007 that accept hud vash vouchers

Is minor in possession in Texas a misdemeanor?

Yes, it is a Class C Misdemeanor.

What is the largest city in Texas state?

Houston Texas with around 13 million people

Where do most people live in Texas?

Houston and Rural Areas

What part of Texas is Houston located?

Houston is in southeastern Texas.

Which one city in Texas has the most people?

Houston is the largest city in Texas based on population.

Is a speeding ticket a misdemeanor in Texas?


When Sam Houston was president why did he name the capital of Texas Houston?

Houston was a capital of Texas but the capital of Texas was moved to Austin in 1839.

What is the capital of Houston?

Houston is a Texas City and the Capital of Texas is in Austin.

Where is Houston located at?

Houston is located in Texas. It is a large city in Texas.

Where is WrestleMania xxv being held?

At Houston, Texas At Houston, Texas

Is Austin Texas farther from Dallas Texas or is Houston Texas farther?

Houston texas is farther from Dallas Texas

How many jurors serve on a A Misdemeanor trial in Texas?

Six for a misdemeanor, 12 for a felony.

Is there a list of employers in Houston Texas that hire people with a felon?


Can a class b misdemeanor be expunged in Texas?

You can only be expunged in Texas if it is for a Class C misdemeanor. You can also be expunged if you have already received a pardon.

Where is Houston?

Houston is in Texas, USA

What is Houston?

Houston is a city in Texas.