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There isn't really anything you can do with an associate's degree in general studies. The degree only helps you in the job market when competing against those who only have a high school diploma. So any job that only requires a high school diploma would be a good place for you to apply. You have a better chance than most people.

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2006-12-22 03:44:48
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What is the difference in an associates of arts and sciences degree and an associates of applied science degree

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Q: What jobs are available specifically if you have an associates degree in general studies?
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Is there a difference between an Associate in General Studies and an Associate in Arts in General Studies?

The associates in general studies has to be either an arts or science degree. You cannot just have a degree in general studies. Typically this type of degree is usually referred to as a liberal arts degree (AA).

What is the scientific term for the scientist who studies fleas?

A scientist who studies fleas (or insects in general) is a zoologist who is specifically an entomologist.

How many college credits transfer from associates in general studies to a bachelor in criminal justice?

Typically, most if not all credits should transfer between these two majors provided you took the associates degree at a regionally accredited college.

What employment opportunities will an associates degree in general studies offer?

Pretty much bupkis. An "associate's degree in general studies" is basically equivalent to "dropped out of college halfway through a real degree, except without taking any of the core courses towards a real degree."

What is the abbreviation for associates in specialized business for paralegal studies?


What jobs can you get with an associates of occupational studies in holistic health?

You can be a janitor.

How many credit hours does it take to get an associates degree in general studies?

same as getting one in most any other field, about 60 semester hours normally

What can I can an associate's degree in?

Associates degrees that are transferrable are the most popular. These include an associates of arts, science, fine arts and arts in teaching. Associate Degrees that work towards career and professional goals by themselves are applied science, industrial technology, business administration and occupational studies There are also various off the wall associates degrees like: associate of public service, forestry, nursing, general studies, engineering, applies business, applied arts, baccalaureate studies, political science, etc.

What kind of scientist studies spiders?

An entomologist studies insects and spiders. An arachnologist studies spiders specifically.

When was The New School for General Studies created?

The New School for General Studies was created in 1919.

How many credits do you need for an assciates degree of general studies in Colorado?

The associates degree is designed to be a two year program of study which can take anywhere from 60 to 64 credits to complete, depending on the major.

What is an entomologist?

An entomologist is a scientist who specifically studies insects.

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