What jobs are related to tourism?

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There are jobs which are either directly related to tourism and also those who are indirectly related to this sector :
Those directly related :
  • Tourist guide
  • Hotel manager
  • Receptionist
  • Travel agent
  • Housekeepers

Indirectly related :
  • Waiters
  • Shop assistants in Central Business Districts or even in duty free shops
  • Pilots (they don't only cater for tourism but even business travel...
  • Taxi drivers

What are examples of accuracy as related to jobs?

Answer . A hitman would aim for the heart or brain. A stenographer would be able to transcribe court proceedings with few (if any) mistakes. A software engineer would be able to design and implement an extensible, relatively bug-free, solution the customer could use. Basically, accuracy for a ( Full Answer )

How much does a Travel Tourism job pay?

There are many types of jobs in the travel and tourism industry.And, the pay scale varies based on the type of work you are doing.For instance, the average amusement and recreational park attendantearned $7.83 per hour. However, a cruise ship director may earnbetween $4,500 and $7,000 per month.

Hi i have done ba in maths eco nd eng i am interested in doing a course related to hospitality and tourism can you tell me the scope after that and the kind of jobs and average pay packages?

The first issue to be confronted is when you be asked when withyour present level of qualifications youve moved across to adiffering educational stream and career option. Hospitality tradecan take you from working in service in hotels, resturants etc tothe management levels. Tourism an be used for t ( Full Answer )

How is sports related to tourism?

People come from all over the world to enjoy their favorite sports.Because of this, sports are directly linked to tourism. Touristscome for the games but they also enjoy the town in between events.

Job related Essay Why are You interested in this Job?

Hello, please I need advise how to answer 3 essay questions related to a job position. . (Just samples, please) . 1.- Can you describe your long-range goals and objectives? . 2.- What do you think it takes to be successful in this career? . 3.- What attracted you to this opportunity?

Was Job in the Bible related to Seth?

Yes, through Noah's line. Noah himself was of course descended from Seth. Of course, we cannot really say any more than this, since we do not have any details on Job. But whether some believe Job lived early, around the time of Abraham, or was post-exilic, makes no difference. This is so since all p ( Full Answer )

Does travel tourism jobs pay well?

Travel tourism jobs can pay well. It depends if you are a travelagent or a tour guide. Tour guides do not make much, but travelagents usually get bonuses or commission on what they sell.

What is relation between tourism and the fourth DIMENSION of architecture?

\nThe fourth dimension of architecture is to evoke feeling; to spark the intellect; to create that "ah-ha!" moment. The architectural tourist has the opportunity to freshly intererpret the designers and client's message on each and every each visitthat is made, contextualizing the appreciation of an ( Full Answer )

What problems are related to Eco-tourism?

There are so many problems that are related to eco-tourism. Thereare very few visitors who interested in nature tourism and the factthat the environment keeps changing and affect these naturalsceneries does not help the situation either.

What do you need to get a job in tourism?

One option that works well in this field, is a degree in hospitality management. You will find many community colleges that offer this degree at the associates degree level.

What are the Jobs associated with tourism?

Some jobs would be include in: . Hotel and lodging . Cruises . Casinos . Restaurant and fine dinning . Nightclub and alcohol establishments . Resorts . Amusement parks . State parks and historical points of interest

Advertisement about a career job in tourism?

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What are related jobs to tourism?

Anything in Hotel management, strategically placed stores/restaurants, travel agent, tour operator, event management, executive travel operator.

What jobs related to a lawyers job?

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What type of jobs are related to math?

Actuaries, Accountants, Financial Consultants, Financial Planners, and Meteorologists are all examples of the many professions that involve math.

What jobs are related to neurology?

Jobs related to neurology include: . Psychologist . psychiatrist . pathologist . neurosurgeon . neuroanatomist . neuropsychologist . electroneurodiagnostic technician . neuroscientist . neurobiologist . neurochemist . neuropathologist . neuropharmacologist . neurophysiologist, neurorad ( Full Answer )

Was Abraham and Job related?

Well Abraham is the father of the Jewish people, and as job was a Jew they are related.

Why are you applying for a job not related to your course?

When some pople hold BA degree but, intrasted in other way like multimedia... Who can more intrast any other job just he can do becoz there are importent INTRAST.... WITHOUT INTRAST WE CANT DO ANYTHING.... Good luck

How does Medical Tourism relate to Euthanasia?

I think the only way you could link it into medical tourism is if you counted going to somewhere like Switzerland, to one of the clinics in order to avoid legal issues in countries where it's not permitted. I'm not 100% sure if it'd be classed as Medical Tourism though.

What are service-related jobs and why are they important?

Doing work for other people such as installing communication technology, cleaning, cooking, solving problems, providing transportation, healing, and teaching are all considered service jobs. A nation's economy would fall apart without them.

How does African Renaissance relate to tourism?

African renaissance hold conferences,events,localy and internationaaly,addressing many pressing issues,through movement and travelling .....that is tourism ,taking into consideration that tourism has to do with travelling for business,confences etc.

What jobs does tourism provides?

If you are on a cruise holiday, the job could possibly be a Cruise ship director where you are responsible for planning all on board, entertainment and ship and shore activities, acting as master of ceremonies and planning tour itineraries. . If you can swim, you could be a Lifeguard which is p ( Full Answer )

Why are food sanitation and safety hygiene related to tourism?

Tourists are not going to enjoy their visit to any given tourist spot if they are served bad food that makes them sick. And if they do not enjoy their visit, they won't be coming back, nor will they recommend that spot to their friends. So tourism will decline.

What jobs relate to healthcare management?

You can always take up additional training to become any of the following, all of which involve healthcare management: . Allopathic Physician . Athletic Trainer . Audiologist . Biomedical Engineer . Biomedical Equipment Technician . Chiropractor . Clinical Laboratory Technician . Cl ( Full Answer )

How is the egg's shape related to its job?

The egg has two main functions: to provide food for the growing embryo, and protect it from damage. Fortunately, the same ovoid shape works well for both needs. That's because a round shape packs the most volume, permitting the greatest amount of room (for food, and for the chick itself) inside t ( Full Answer )

What jobs are related to dance and drama?

Some jobs related to dance are choreographer,dance instructor,dance teacher,dance performer, professional dancer ,etc. some jobs related to drama are, movie producer, theatre, actor, actress,etc.

Why is tourism related in business?

As tourism creates a large cash flow, business often cater to these tourist attractions. For instance, a small mountain town with a ski area creates the need for food, lodging, equipment, and much more, allowing businesses to capitalize on the tourists' needs.

How is tourism and hospitality related?

Tourism and Hospitality is related because hospitality is needed when you are in tourism. It is being kind or entertaining guests of which is the main thing or concern when it comes to tourism. You are to be kind and entertain guests in your place

How are sales and jobs related?

Sales are related to jobs in that sales gives people jobs. Many people have jobs in the sales department at stores and many large business companies. Sales is a good source of jobs.

How is positivism related to tourism?

If you're a tourist than being positive about it is a great thing. For example : if you're going to a place but you're complaining about the food , the people , the language and everything else than you'll just waste your entire vacation and you'll get more stressed than you were before. But if you' ( Full Answer )

What are some janitorial related jobs?

Janitors have to keep warehouses, schools, offices or any buildings they are working in clean. They also have to do general maintenance as minor electricity or plumbing jobs.

Where can one apply for travel tourism jobs?

The travel tourism industry is wide and includes information services, accommodation, recreation, entertainment, transportation, travel, and food and beverage services. One can apply for any of these jobs with the most success in diverse metropolitan areas. Examples of job opportunities include tour ( Full Answer )

How does one get a job in Public Relations?

A person is able to get a job in public relations by submitting an application and they if they get through the first level they will be interviewed for a particular position.

Where would it be possible to find jobs in tourism?

Hotels and resorts are great places to start looking for jobs in tourism. Jobs that may be available on cruise ships can be found on the internet, and Monster also has listings for travel, tourism and hospitality jobs. Some jobs in these fields do require more than a high school diploma, and many co ( Full Answer )

Where can someone locate tourism marketing jobs online?

One can locate tourism marketing jobs online in a variety of different ways. This includes approaching tourism recruitment agencies as well as looking up job listings on sites such as Monster.