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What jobs are related to tourism?

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There are jobs which are either directly related to tourism and also those who are indirectly related to this sector :

Those directly related :

  • Tourist guide
  • Hotel manager
  • Receptionist
  • Travel agent
  • Housekeepers

Indirectly related :

  • Waiters
  • Shop assistants in Central Business Districts or even in duty free shops
  • Pilots (they don't only cater for tourism but even business travel...
  • Taxi drivers
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What jobs does tourism bring?

Tourism birngs more travel, hospitality, accommodation related jobs on huge level.

What kinds of jobs are available in the tourism industry?

Tourism is a very broad term. It could include jobs at resorts like Seaworld or DisneyWorld or at hotels . Specifically any job related to travel could be considered involved in tourism.

What are the most popular jobs in Costa Rica?

As tourism is major industry of coasta Rica there are major jobs in restaurants and resort related businesses

How can I find my jobs in Hospitality & Tourism?

If you are interested to do a job in hospitality and tourism industry then you have lots of job opportunities. But the main problem is that how can you find these jobs. In New Zealand, there are lots of job opportunities for these types of jobs. You can easily search these jobs on here you can get many latest jobs in Hospitality and tourism.

Government agencies related to tourism?

government agency related in tourism

Does Bulgaria rely on tourism?

yes, not only rely but its economy depends on tourism for lot. Its an industry/sector earns big pye of national revenue, allows many workers to have jobs, service industry is related on tourism too

Common jobs in Tennessee?

Automotive related manufacturing, health care. farming, tourism and hospitality are major industries in Tennessee.

Indirect jobs in tourism?


What is the impact of tourism on Cancun?

Tourism will bring alot of jobs to the local people. with more jobs the economy will develop and grow bigger.

What are some common jobs in the Bahamas?

Many of the jobs are in the tourism industry.

What jobs are found in Manitoba?

jobs found are mining,forestry,tourism

What kinds of jobs do Bulgaria have?

jobs in construction, jobs in tourism, jobs in food processing, jobs in light industry etc.

Has tourism benefited the people in Mauritius?

Tourism provides jobs for the people that live in Mauritius.

What are the benefits of tourism for Barbados?

Tourism in Barbados can provide jobs and bring in money to the country

What are some jobs in the Canadian shield?

There are mining jobs and careers that support mining. There are tourism jobs.

What is the economic activity in Cancun?

Tourism and tourism-related activities.

What city in Florida has the best jobs?

Depends on what field you are looking at. Different cities cater to different professions. Orlando has lots of jobs dealing with tourism specifically while Miami has a lot of international business or travel related jobs.

What are the highest paying jobs in Tourism?


What jobs to the majority people of Florida have?


What jobs can you get in Columbia SC as a Felon?


What kind of jobs do people have in Brazil?

tourism,industry,shopping,service jobs

How is tourism related to chemistry?

Any link between tourism and chemistry.

How is tourism and hospitality related?

Tourism and Hospitality is related because hospitality is needed when you are in tourism. It is being kind or entertaining guests of which is the main thing or concern when it comes to tourism. You are to be kind and entertain guests in your place

What do Cozumel residents do for employment?

Most of them work at many jobs related to tourism. There are also some porcine farms as well as some fishing on the island.

How are jobs advantages in the Bahamas tourism?

NOthinf at all

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