What jobs are there in Mexico?

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2018-03-08 15:00:02

There are all kinds of jobs in Mexico. The country has a huge

population, and it has all the jobs you would expect in any modern

society. Manufacturing, government, IT, construction, professional

services, hotels and resorts; you name it, there are jobs for


Mexico has an estimated labor force of 52.47 million

people (2014); unemployment is at 5.2% so employed people number

47.09 million. From those, 14% (6.98 million) work on

agriculture, forestry and fishing activities; 24.3% (12.11

million) are dedicated to industrial activities including

extractive industries, manufacturing and construction. Finally,

61% (30.3 million) are employed in commerce and services,

including government-related activities and armed forces.

A further breakdown of these figures is as follows, showing

workers per economic activity:

  • Retail: 9.7 million (19.52%)
  • Manufacturing industries: 7.93 million (15.95%)
  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting: 6.98 million


  • Misc. Services: 5.17 million (10.41%)
  • Social Services: 3.99 million (8.04%)
  • Extractive industries and electricity: 0.4 million


  • Construction: 3.79 million (7.62%)
  • Professional, financial and corporate services: 3.41 million


  • Restaurants and accommodation services: 3.37 million


  • Transport, communications, mail and storage: 2.39 million


  • Government and international organizations: 2.29 million


  • Non-specified: 0.28 million (0.56%)

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