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Actually there are a lot of job fields where a colour blind patient cnt make it, such as graphic design(as expected) and engineering( most of the fields in engineering do not allow colour blind patient to be an engineer even it does really little relation with colour, it's because engineering field always related to someone's life, so it's not suitable to take risk), other thn that there are also occupation like pilot, police, army (law enforcers) and some fields that need a little or much colour specification

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at the opticians he shows you a pattern of coloured dots which spells out a number if you are colourblind you cant see the number if you are not colour blind it is perfectly clear

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No, because she can be a carrier. Boys can only get the colourblind gene from the mother, but she can either be colourblind herself or just a carrier.

Colorblind male not colorblind female can there kid be color blind?

First of all, female may have the colorblindness gene without showing colourblindness symptoms. If any of the parents is colourblind or has the gene, the kid may be colourblind indeed. If both parents have it, he will be colourblind.

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