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What jobs can a 12-year-old girl get in Richmond Virginia?

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A business owner cannot hire a 12 year old, 14 is the legal age. However, a 12 year old is legal to babysit and do other odd jobs like mowing lawns, walking dogs, etc.

2006-07-19 21:38:07
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Are there any nanny jobs available in Richmond, Virginia?

There are jobs in Richmond for nannies. You can see the available jobs currently on Craigslist.

What jobs in Richmond Virginia is hiring felons?

easy the breast job department

What jobs can a 13 yr old girl who lives in Richmond North Yorkshire?

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What employers in Richmond VA will hire ex offenders?

What jobs in Richmond, Va. are "currently" hiring felons

What types of jobs in West Virginia?

for the development of the west virginia and for the development of the people there are many types of jobs are available in the west virginia. if you want to know more about Jobs In West Virginia the you can visit the following site.

What jobs are available in Virginia?

Depending on where you are located in Virginia, depends on what jobs you will find. In Virginia Beach, you can expect to find jobs dealing with tourists, hotels, dog walking, etc.

What kind of jobs do most people have in Virginia?

there are many diffrent jobs in Virginia the jobs are like anywhere else but they might be diffrent

What are the top jobs in Virginia?

the top Virginia job is farming

What are the highest paying jobs in West Virginia?

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What jobs in Virginia pay 500K?

There are none.

What were the jobs in Colonial Virginia?

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What jobs were in colonial Virginia?

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What were jobs in Virginia as a colony?

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Where can I search for or find office cleaning jobs in Virginia?

Most of the major newspapers in Virginia will have listings for cleaning jobs. You can also check Craig's List and

Are there any government jobs available in Virginia?

Being so close to the national capital, there are many federal government jobs located in Virginia. The Pentagon and the FBI both have a large presence in the northern Virginia area.

What jobs are there in Virginia?

Sturdevant construction is continually hiring

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What kinds of jobs were avaible in Virginia IN 1607?

There were many jobs like blacksmith,wigmaker,and barbor.

What are some jobs in West Virginia?

Jobs in the coal industry are plentiful in West Virginia. it is also a good state for working in the agricultural industry. It is a big tobacco growing state.

What are some jobs available in the Virginia area?

Many jobs are available in Virginia, including: Laboratory technicians, Hospital Employed Bread & Butter Surgeon and Family Practice Physician.

Jobs for preteens?

you can be a page in Virginia at age 13-14

How many coal mining jobs are in west Virginia?


What places are looking for jobs for an 14year old teenager with a working permit in Richmond Va?

folstone road