What jobs can you get with a bachelor's degree in liberal arts?

Jobs with a Degree in Liberal Studies

This totally depends on your skills and interests.
If you wish to remain in your field, often teaching and academics is the route you need to go. Professional schools such as law, business, and (if you have some science background) medicine certainly accept a great many liberal studies majors. Beyond that, employers are mostly interested in hiring smart people with a good set of skills and the ability to learn and grow. Are you particularly passionate about some field? Can you turn it into a job? I know Classics majors in business and Spanish majors who started their own companies and philosophy majors who are engineers.
Obviously some jobs require special training (engineering, sales, trades,...). Whether you have such training, or have the interest or ability to get the training depends on you.
In my experience, few undergraduate majors really prepare you for the workplace -- even pre-professional majors. Most workplaces require skills you learn on the job. Liberal arts/studies teaches you critical thinking, writing, and communication skills, which you need everywhere. In that sense, a liberal arts major can be better than a pre-professional degree.


There is a good book to read and think about called Jobs for English majors and other smart people by John L Munschauer