What jobs can you get with a bachelors degree?

A bachelor's degree in what? The BA or BS isn't what it used to be. If you check the paper or Monster, you'll see that a college degree is required just to get into an interview on some pretty basic jobs, jobs that could be had with a High school diploma just 20 years ago. Employers like to see specific training in a certain area. Where years ago a BA in almost anything could land you a management job, today companies are looking for advanced degrees for their higher level positions. If you're about to graduate, you may wish to pick a specific field of study and go on for a Master's degree. If you are just starting out, consider looking for summer intern jobs in your field of study. Employers like practical experience just as much as they like degrees.

A bachelors degree generally qualifies a person for a position in which other candidates do not posses a bachelors degree. In other words, it is an honest self-marketing tool.